View Full Version : Where can I get Video tapes converted to DVD in Tenerife?

Rock Chick
21-07-2011, 14:09
Hello all. just wondered if someone knows, if there is someone in Tenerife who can take video taped films and put them on the DVD's???
Many thanks

21-07-2011, 14:27
Do you mean films made by family members or "Hollywood epics" which are under copyright?:eyebrows:

Rock Chick
21-07-2011, 14:29
would mostly be home movies , but would like to do both if possible please? thanks for replying

21-07-2011, 14:46
I am also looking for someone who can do this and also from digital video camera tapes to DVD..

21-07-2011, 16:42
Do you mean films made by family members or "Hollywood epics" which are under copyright?
Sorry if I gave the wrong impression, I just wanted to clarify the detail what you were asking ! I do that on occasions back here in the UK and these days you have to be very careful with regard to copyrighted material, because before you blink its on U tube etc and the corporate lawers are hot on your trail which can prove very expensive, however with self produced home videos you are OK. If I was over in Los Cristianos I would love to oblige you:eyebrows:

21-07-2011, 16:48
I copied some VHS video onto disk by connecting VHS player to my DVD recorder/player and recording to HDD then onto disk ,including some films although some were protected and couldnīt easily be done .

21-07-2011, 17:25
I ended up throwing my videos away, as a lot of the DVDs were now cheap and the quality will still be video quality rather than DVD. Great for home movies, though - can be done through a computer, I think.

21-07-2011, 18:45
I have a device called Easycap that converts analogue to digital.
In layman's terms you attache your Video recorder/camcorder using the RCA phono plugs then the device plugs into your USB port on your PC which you can then use something like windows movie maker to then capture edit and then burn to DVD.
Its for sale if anyone wants it. PM if interested.

03-08-2011, 15:41
I think it is best to ask the photo shops...there is one opposite the National Police station in LA and another in LC just down from telepizza