View Full Version : Where is Robot Hair Salon in south Tenerife?

24-07-2011, 10:01
Can anyone tell me where Robot Hair Salon is ?



24-07-2011, 10:57
From the Port in Los Cristianos you need to head towards the tunnel that takes you to Las Vistas Beach. Before you get to the tunnel there is a restaurant with a boat outside and some steps just before the restaurant on the right, go up these steps and Robot is the first little street on the left. You will see it as you walk from the top of the steps

24-05-2014, 13:34
We are in Los cristianos . You can find the map on our website www.robottenerife.com xx

14-07-2018, 09:01
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Tape hair extensions utilise the same technology used to secure lace front wigs. A hypo-allergenic tape is used to secure the bond onto the client's natural hair, by using the sandwich technique. The bond is pressed together firmly and there it should stay comfortably for 8-12 weeks. During the removal process, an oil or alcohol based remover is used to separate the two bonds. Afterwards, the old tape is removed and new tape is applied.

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There are however issues that can arise with tape extensions and it starts with the tape used by the supplier. Not all tapes are created equally, some offer a 2-4 week holding time and other 6-8. Some suppliers even recommend using heat to secure the bond and that can create havoc when trying to remove the tape extension bonds. Heat should never be used to secure tape extensions, as this melts the two tapes together. Tape extensions were designed to be gentle and safe on natural hair.

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Tape extensions are suitable for most clients, except alopecia clients and clients on medication that cause hair loss.

Tape extensions are perfect for adding volume, with as little as 10 sandwiches. To create length and volume, 20-25 sandwiches are needed. For clients with very fine hair, care must be taken not to install the extensions to close to the hair line or too close to the crown area, as they will be visible. Covet Hair Extensions are suitable for clients with oily scalp and the oil from the scalp do not affect our tapes in the slightest. Our ultra-tape has an excellent holding time of 8-12 weeks and was designed for women who swim daily.

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