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24-07-2011, 16:40
Up to now I have only had a mobile phone but I would like to get broadband.

Do I have to pay line rental and broadband and how much do they cost? Also, anyone know of the cheapest companies and reliability?


24-07-2011, 16:47
If you tell us where you live we may be able to give you some more specific information, as to availalbity and prices.

However there is a thread here (http://www.tenerifeforum.org/tenerife-forum/showthread.php?4816-What-Broadband-Provider-Do-You-Use-in-Tenerife-amp-What-Speed-Do-You-Get), that will give you some general information if you read your way through it. :)

24-07-2011, 18:12
if your Spanish is up to it then contact Telefonica. If not and you want to speak in English contact sales at Direct telecom 9636 7861 5914 0030 9-5pm mon to fri.

25-07-2011, 12:16
i speak fluent spanish but avoid telefonica like the plague.... i'd go with direct telecom like rosemary says.... :)

oh... i'm in El Fraile (prices depends on areas) and pay (including line rental paid direct to direct telecom too) 54€(ish) a month, that included 300 mins calls to uk i think... can't remember now, but manage to chat quite a lot with the family :) ... lot more expensive than uk, but we're all waiting with baited breath for the new all singing all dancing fibre optic thingy :)

25-07-2011, 13:16
Watch this space - BT are about to launch new offering that will solve all the normal problems and at a great price.

25-07-2011, 14:22
I have been with direct telecom for about 8 years now, and I'm seriously considering leaving, as the connection speed they offer is about 2mb slower than my neighbours are able to get. I have contacted them several times about this in the past, but they say there's nothing they can do, so my only option is to move.

I currently only get 1mb rural connection, and my nextdoor neighbours get 3mb ???

I pay about 54 euros a month all-in, but other companies offer the same speed a lot cheaper, so if they can't increase my speed, either someone else will, or I'll end up paying less... either way, it'd be better for me in the long run :)

check what you can get in your area before you commit to a provider. :)

25-07-2011, 15:16
Thanks for all your help.

I have just found BT Broadband in Tenerife. Is this the UK BT?? Graphics are the same....?? They say they are an authorised dealer called SW1 Telecom and the prices seem a bit cheaper.

Has anyone tried this company?