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25-07-2011, 14:38
we are looking into moving out to tenerife, we have two kids and a mortgage in the uk. we would like to move out ideally within the next 2 years.
we need to know about everything. can anyone suggest the best type of property to rent whilst we get on our feet. are mortgages easy to come by if both people are working. what are the schools like etc. also the main thing is we were wondering how if its possible whether we will be able to transport our car out their to save us buying a new one. if we are organised it is actually easy to do. we have decided it is something to do but the major biggest hurdle we have is finding a job for me and my hubby and then more importantly finding a school for my 7 year old and a nursery for our 2 year old. we are fairly flexible about were we want to move, we have holiday'd several times in las americas and adore it, but next year we are going to las arena for a change.
thank you to all in advance


25-07-2011, 15:02
Have a look at this thread :


25-07-2011, 15:25
If you haven't already, would also suggest you learn the language asap.

25-07-2011, 16:19
we are already learning spanish, but we were advised to learn the basics as the canarian terms can differ somewhat to the spanish. we need to sit on here and find out everything we need to do before we go any further as i know we need a certificate 'green card' so we ned to do a lot of research etc. thanks

25-07-2011, 16:56
If your car is a right hand drive, its not an ideal scenario to bring it over here.

Listen to all the advice on this forum before you take the plunge...................... secure jobs are very hard to come by.

25-07-2011, 17:57
but we were advised to learn the basics as the canarian terms can differ somewhat to the spanish.

Canarian is just a hand full of words and a few speech impediments that differ from the Spanish you're learning

I only came out with a UK van because i had a massive adult video collection



25-07-2011, 18:07
Make sure to have a good look on this site, www.tenerifelifeline.com, you will find lots of good solid info there.

27-07-2011, 15:03
thanks. im planning on spending the next year researching it before we take the plunge. we understand that jobs etc are hard to come by thats why we would have to make sure our research is complete. ive worked in a supermarket for 10 years, so i would probably try that avenue first, or even maybe a chamber maid. im not overally proud or whichever job i take as we believe we are doing this for the best of all four of us.

27-07-2011, 16:35
Good luck it is a great place to live.
I can't repeat often enough that if you want a reasonable job you need to speak good Spanish. CIM is the one to talk to about Mortgages as he is a mortgage broker and will have some idea.
I am not so keen on the Las Arenas area as it is a very small comunity and people are inclined to be very intersted in others oncerns.
Adeje is quiet with good facilities for children, Camello de LLano looks ok though it is still a growning area.

27-07-2011, 16:51
Jobs are going to be the biggest problem by far. There are very few decent opportunities. I wouldnīt recommend coming over unless you have a good amount of money behind you or income from the UK, especially with two kids. Itīs very tough here for new arrivals!

Mortgages - once here you are starting from scratch. The easiest way to buy with a mortgage is as a non-resident based on your UK status before you move over otherwise you need at least a years work history here and permanent work contracts showing your full wage. This is incredibly rare as most people are paid a proportion of their salary in cash and few are given a permanent contract.

If you have a look at the jobs board on here most of it is just rubbish from companies without websites offering telesales or commission based tat. There arenīt many "real" jobs that come up that you could base future mortgage payments on.

If you want to discuss the financial side in private, feel free to drop me a pm or email me through the website in my signature.

27-07-2011, 16:53
Other than the Iceland shops (there will be 3 when you come out) the chances of getting a job in a supermarket are next to none. Too complicated to explain here. Don,t think of bringing a right hand drive car. If you look at recent 'for sale" of rhd,s you,ll understand. Can get a cheap runaround to start with. Only initial comments just now!

27-07-2011, 23:02
You can always do timeshare. lol x

27-07-2011, 23:12
You can always do timeshare. lol x

Is she qualified?

31-07-2011, 09:29
we have stayed in adeje two years running but couldnt get a room in our regular hotel, so had to book somewhere else. i would prefer to settle in adeje because we know where everything is located (within reason) however i understand the rental market may be harder to achieve in the more popular areas.
we are looking at renting with two friends of ours. so we wud be able to share the costs of living etc on renting a 3 bed property.
they have found bar work with friends of theirs who own there own bar.

Added after 3 minutes:

Is she qualified?

i wouldnt touch a timeshare with your hands if i was paid. if getting a timeshare was the only place i cud do to get to tenerife id stay in england. timeshares are the biggest con going. full stop.

01-08-2011, 13:50
Other than the Iceland shops (there will be 3 when you come out)

Where will the third one be? I know San Miguel/Chafiras and Los Christianos.....

02-08-2011, 01:46
Where will the third one be? I know San Miguel/Chafiras and Los Christianos.....

In PDLA. To open soon I understand.