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28-07-2011, 17:37
Hi All, I'm new to the Tenerife Forum, so I'm sorry if i'm in the wrong place!!! my wife & I have move to Tenerife and have been renting a car. As I guess you will know this can be costly so we are looking to buy a second hand car of our own. We have looked at a couple of garages in Las Cheafarias, they look very good and the people seem genuinue at the garage, but we've heard you have to be carful.... Has anyone have any information they would like to share with us good or bad. Thanks :0)

28-07-2011, 17:40
bst to buy from a garage, insist that the transfer to your name is included in the price and that it is all clear of fines and that the local road tax to the townhall is all paid up. other than that good luck.

28-07-2011, 17:47
Thanks Suzanne, for the information. We have been told we will pay 4% tax on the value of the car not the price the car is being sold at.. Do know anything about that?? thanks Viv

28-07-2011, 17:58
No I dont, but you should contact Goldenmaniac she has excellent advise.

28-07-2011, 18:02
thank you :0)

28-07-2011, 20:18
IGIC (VAT) is payable on the purchase, unlike in the UK on privately bought second hand cars.

It doesn't have to be paid on purchase but the debt is with the car, which is why a proper search for previous debt is essential.

You may buy a car for 5,000 that has changed hands a couple of times, never paid road tax or anything else tied to the car and you, as the new owner, are liable.

Before you transfer get the debt checked!!!!

28-07-2011, 20:53
Here is a check list for the main things to get and check


Copies of:
Or if non Spanish: White NIE in date plus Passport OR certificado de registro plus passport OR old style plastic residencia IF still in date.

Original Ficha Technica (car log Book) SHOULD have a current ITV stamp with at least 1 month’s life left. (You can buy it without but you will not be issued a permiso de circulacion (ie permission to drive on the roads) without the ITV being in date.

Original Permiso de Circulación matching the name of the documents above
Original paid receipt of current rodaje (road tax)
Details of Current Address

Or if non Spanish: White NIE in date plus Passport OR certificado de registro plus passport OR old style plastic residencia IF still in date.

CURRENT certificate of empadronamiento from the town hall.

Both parties must sign a Compraventa (Bill of Sale) in Spanish. Make sure the official price is entered on this so you don't pay too much or too little transfer tax.
Some people lower this to pay less tax, but it always catches up with them down the line and they get a demand for the difference.

Both parties sign the application to transfer and usually sign the authority documents for a third person to act on buyer and seller’s behalf

Modelo 620, Be ready to pay the transfer tax of 4% of the book value of the car which is submitted to the Administración Tributaria Canaria, plus 51, euros for Trafico fees, plus fees for a gestor if you use one.

If you purchase from a bone-fide garage they will normally take care of all this for you and the compraventa document will declare that the car is free of any debt or charge on it.

But do make sure you go back and collect the ficha tecnica and new permiso de circulación IN YOUR NAME because they may take a few days /week to get this done.

However if you are doing a private deal you would be well advised to do a check first - either in Trafico yourself or pay someone to do it - to make sure you are not buying something which is the subject of a finance agreement or has lots of unpaid road tax on it or has been embargoed by the authorities against debt owed by the original owner - transfer the car under those circumstances and you will be lumbered with the debts!

28-07-2011, 21:02
The annoying part is they will rtansfer the car to you if you have the right documentation and then spring the debt on you at a later date.

Do not assume....Get it debt checked first..

29-07-2011, 15:31
Thank you all so much for all the great advice :0)

29-07-2011, 20:32
Can you give a figure for the amount you are paying for a hire car? Did you shop around much? I'm interested in hiring for 3 months+, but the (single) quote i've seen look a bit high.

29-07-2011, 22:06
Not sure how mcuh you are looking to pay but there is someone on here (Help please) who sells cars at reasonable prices.