View Full Version : Tenerife host the the Universong Festival 2011

02-08-2011, 10:20
Tenerife has recently been the hosts for the Universong Festival 2011.

The festival was spread over 3 days with the final night being held on Saturday July 23. The singers were welcomed personally by mayor Manuel Dominguez and during their stay attended a press conference and were also interviewed by several TV and radio stations and other local press outlets.

There were 14 professional singers in this year’s international Universong festival, hailing from different countries. Italy’s Nunzio Milo won the gold trophy, Spain’s Juanjo Lopez was awarded the silver trophy and Malta's Corazon won the Bronze award.

The other countries who participated include Cyprus, Mexico, Turkey, Estonia, Venezuela, Kirguisistan, France, Bulgaria, Kazajistan, United Kingdom and Russia.

Each participant was awarded a recognition diploma for their participation. ‘The level and quality of singers and songs exhibited in this very prestigious festival is becoming increasingly high.’ comments Mr. Robert Cefai, Secretary General for WAFA.

All the singers also participated in masterclasses held by professors at the Tenerife music conservatorio.

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