View Full Version : How long does it take in Guia de Isora before you have your residencia in hand?

06-08-2011, 22:45
Hope someone can tell me how long it (normally) takes between applying for
residencia and actually receiving the piece op paper. I also assume there might be a difference in where you apply, in this case it would be in Guia de Isora. Hope someone can tell me....

nurse ratchet
06-08-2011, 22:51
Click on the residencia link in this or your own post above to see how it's all done. In your case the nearest place you can do it is the Police Staion in Playa de las Americas

06-08-2011, 23:40
Hi, I have seen that post yes. But Las Americas is Arona so should I not go to Guia de Isora or can you go anywhere for Residencia? (I'd rather go somewhere else less busy to be honest) and I also wonder if others who have gone to get one recently also walked out with (new) residencia in hand or if sometimes it still takes longer. Maybe I am being blonde but rather ask twice since I am trying to get a very tight scedule sorted. Thanks!!!

06-08-2011, 23:55
Las Amercas police station is the ONLY place in the south that does the Certificado de Residencia. Guia de Isora are not able to process this paperwork.

07-08-2011, 07:55
Thanks!! I did not know that. Good info, this safes me from a bundle of time I am sure (especially if we can walk out the same day with the official piece of paper! If anyone experienced this differently then please responde as well.