View Full Version : Where can I hire a scooter in Las Americas, Tenerife?

05-06-2011, 16:06
I'm thinking of hiring a couple of scooters for a day or two but not sure where from.

I will be stopping at the Andorra (PDLA) so hopefully someone will point me to somewhere close, plus will we only need our driving licences?


05-06-2011, 17:31
There are a few places where you can hire in that area. Have a look at the 'excursions' tab on my website (see sig) for an example of prices available.

05-06-2011, 19:12
Thanks for the reply sgd.

13-06-2011, 23:19
Thought of another question.

Will we need the counterfoil part of our licences as well or will the photo ID card do?

Just thinking it's less things to take & possibly lose when there especially if not needed.


14-06-2011, 13:48
I heard the other day that my I dont need a full license to drive a moped/scooter over here, that my provisional license fromback home will do. Is that true??

20-08-2013, 22:56
You don't need a license to drive a moped, scooter if the cc is less then 125, this is also available for 3 wheelers such as Can Am Spyder or Trikes.

a website where you can rent 125cc scooters is www.motorcyclehire-tenerife.com (http://www.motorcyclehire-tenerife.com)

21-08-2013, 08:06
You do not need a Motorcycle Licence, but you do need a full Car Licence. You cannot drive or rent without a licence.

21-08-2013, 20:28
Yes you need a full Car License to drive 125 cc's or trikes, i didn't express myself correctly