View Full Version : Has anyone else applied for their school book discount in Tenerife?

ali marshall
13-08-2011, 11:54
Hi, has anyone else applied for the 60 euro towards there childs school books and materials.We applied in begining of july and still not heard anything.We did this at the culture centre by filling many forms.

Has anyone know what happens next,does the culture centre get in contact with us,also once they have give the descion, do they supply a card for the book shops or put the cash in the bank,they did take my partners bank details.

Just concerned because usually they text my partners mobile if they need more information and he lost his mobile about a week after giving the papers in.

13-08-2011, 14:27
hi ali usually get this in sept when term has already started. thats how arico works anyway!!

13-08-2011, 18:34
You know what it's like here Ali, patience is a virtue.... we can't even fathom how to apply for a Beca (college grant) for my lad (sent and email asking which one was the one we needed, no reply, tried telephone a squillion times, permanently engaged, probably because it's August). For a Beca you have to do it all online on the gobiernodecanarias website, and even my lovely Canarian better half got confused (mind you, he is computer illiterate), you have to register and if you don't apply within 2 hours of receiving confirmation email you have to start all over again, which we did, but now it says "you've already registered" but won't let us apply aghhhhhhheeeeeeeeek..... we've given up this week, we'll wait till next week when we have more patience :jumping: we're going to apply for whatever we think is correct (even if it's two different applications) and hope for the best..

13-08-2011, 18:55
You usually get your card from the school Ali and the bookshop will let you know when it's been activated.

13-08-2011, 22:32
if yr child is not in infantil then you get a card from school when it restarts for help with certain books. if yr child is infantil the 60€ is materials only and the materials are actually provided at the school in sept (well this is how faņabe is). you are not notified on yr application until sept via the school.

ali marshall
15-08-2011, 12:45
Thanks everyone,just was confused as before we was given the card.But this time they requested our bank details.My sons aunt already went got all his books and materials behind our back,not complaining as its been big help, but thought it would of made sense for her to have waited to see if we got a card.So she has spent 140 euro,is there anyway you can get the money back if she has kept the receipts.The list contained 3 books and all the rest was materials,so i guessing there not provided for infants in los cristianos.

I will not buy anything for the institute for my sons till i see what happens.Your right chifleta paitence is a virtue,thats why cannot understand why she spent the money on the books when she knew we had applied for the discount,my partner belives you will get the money back,i cannot see how.