View Full Version : Speed Traps and Breath Testing this weekend in Tenerife.

13-08-2011, 14:59
Guardia Civil Trafico officers on Tenerife are stepping up their speed control and breath testing activities for this long Bank Holiday weekend.

The main push will be on Monday 15th and the emphasis is going to be on secondary roads where large numbers of people will be travelling to or from the many local fiestas planned this weekend.


13-08-2011, 22:34
good. far too many people drink n drive in tenerife. hope they catch loads of em

14-08-2011, 19:13
phew! Managed to dodge all the road blocks! It's not like it was a few years ago when we were all supposed to drink and drive. The damn do gooders are taking over I tell yer:bootyshake: