View Full Version : My former employer won't pay me! What should I do?

15-08-2011, 14:23
Hi everybody!:D:D:D

I have worked for one company in Las Americas for little more than two weeks without any contract (only verbal). Then they've said that they don't need my service any more and promised to pay me next week. During my last telephone conversation with them two weeks after termination, they told me that will not pay me anything:(
What can I do to get my money from them?

Any help will be very appreciated!

15-08-2011, 15:18
Do you have any proof of your actual hours worked there?

15-08-2011, 15:46
I am sorry for you but you are fighting a lost cause no paperwork. No evidence. Learn by your mistake.

Tom & Sharon
15-08-2011, 17:21
Name and shame for a start....................

15-08-2011, 18:36
Get as many people as you can and give them a visit, no violence, but a big protest should get you your money, these people want stringing up from a lampost

15-08-2011, 18:40
Hello everybody! Thank you for your replies!

I don't have any direct proof of the hours that I've worked there, but I have some papers with company logos, emails between me and the company, phone calls, business cards and of course witnesses – my ex-colleagues, my girlfriend and people who work in offices next doors.

I've downloaded Denuncia form from Inspeccion de Trabajo website. I'm gonna fill it in and send it to them. Any other ideas what can be done?

First time this happens in my life. I've worked many different jobs in different countries – some of them were bad, but at least I was always paid.

15-08-2011, 18:48
Sorry to hear that elcocodrilo, I agree with Tom & Sharon and Scoregolfbob, they need to be named and shamed!!! I also guarantee you if you go around and protest with a number of people this cowboy company will pay you what they owe you!!!

15-08-2011, 18:49
If I see them again there gonna be lots of violence – sometimes I just can't control myself. I better go juridical way.

15-08-2011, 19:48
You should tell them you have witnesses to collaborate your work history with them. Tell them if they don't pay you what they owe you then you will report them to the Social Security offices and INEM and that they may be looking at a fine of around 10,000€ for employing staff with no contract. If there are others there with no contract I'm quite sure they wouldn't like the authorities involved, it would end up costing them a heck of a lot more than a couple of weeks wages!

15-08-2011, 20:50
Already sent Denuncia to Inspeccion de Trabajo and Servicio de Mediación, Arbitraje y Conciliación. Vamos a ver what happens:twak:

15-08-2011, 21:35
Sorry to hear of your dilemma, another victim of unscrupulous employers in Tenerife.
You should go all out & do what everyone is advising you to do.
But you also need to name & shame.
Not much help to you, i know, but may just save someone else from falling victim to them.
Good luck ;)

15-08-2011, 21:43
Who are they? Name of company and type of business. If you put this information on the Forum, everyone can avoid them and they may lose customers and business! This is what other posters mean by name and shame. Spit it out .. who are they?!

15-08-2011, 22:07
I think it's unfair to Name & Shame without knowing both sides of the story

15-08-2011, 22:08
I think it's unfair to Name & Shame without knowing both sides of the story

I concur...really.

15-08-2011, 22:13
I think it's unfair to Name & Shame without knowing both sides of the story

No disrespect to the current poster, but we did recently have a bogus post about not being paid. OP here seems to be doing the right thing by sending a Denuncia - outcome, if proved, will be far more damaging to the company than being named on here.

And about turning up in numbers outside a place looking for payment - please be careful ... you never really know who is connected to whom on this Paradise Island :(

15-08-2011, 22:30
I agree Doreen, but a similar thing happened to me a couple of years ago, so i can understand the OP's point.
Don't see why these 'employers' should get away with it.
Although i agree that 'turning up in numbers' looking for payment, will get nobody nowhere, at the same time, no-one should be made to feel intimidated by these people.
Naming & shaming may prevent it happening to someone else, short term, but in the grand scheme of things on Tenerife, it will continue to happen, for as long as .........

16-08-2011, 13:38
I think it's unfair to Name & Shame without knowing both sides of the story

Point taken 9Plus. I'll remember that next time. Anyhow OP has more sense than me and hasn't named and shamed.

18-08-2011, 11:45
Hi everybody!

I still haven't received any reply from official bodies of Tenerife about my Denuncia – it will take some time, I guess.
I don't think that there is a reason to “name and shame” them, cause I believe that the company who will continue to work this way is destined to fail anyway. This isn't the right way to work on this island – it's just to small for that.
I will try to seek truth the legal way – it's also interesting for me to see how the system works and what will be the outcome.
Meanwhile, I can advice people – never start to work for somebody, until you have the contract signed with them. Never!

basil brush
18-08-2011, 11:57
Name and shame for a start....................
Yes name and shame.......but will the forum...let you ?????

18-08-2011, 12:04
Yes name and shame.......but will the forum...let you ?????
whats wrong with innocent till found guilty..

18-08-2011, 16:32
whats wrong with innocent till found guilty..

That would also apply to the OP who, having not been found guilty of anything we are aware of, still hasn't been paid. And since the company is employing people without contracts apparently, they are looking just slightly guilty to me.

19-08-2011, 23:57
whats wrong with innocent till found guilty..
The thing is that first they have promised to pay and they have no reason not to pay me, except their absence of will to do it.
This is what they have sent me from Dirección General de Trabajo:

..........se le recomienda lo siguiente:
1.- Formular denuncia o papeleta de conciliación, vía presencial, ante el SEMAC, en la siguiente dirección:

C/Ramón y Cajal,3- Semisótano 1, Local 15
Edificio Salesianos
Santa Cruz de TEnerife

2.-Vía Fax. al 922473746 o 922 473747

3.-Consultar a un profesional (no preceptivo pero si recomendable): Abogado, Graduado Social, Sindicato.

May be this info will be useful to somebody. Now I gonna fax my Denuncia to above number.

basil brush
22-08-2011, 15:10
whats wrong with innocent till found guilty..
Nought..but, it is a way of avoiding them if we can, a little support....maybe...........¿ hang em up by the tail ? i say..that will get me more friends..or not.