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Pink shoes
16-08-2011, 12:16
Hi everyone....would anyone..... be able to advise on anything I could do to stop my computer becoming so loud when it had been running a short wile.

The computer is a desk top with Compaq large box under desk. It is the fan that suddenly kicks in loudly.
I do keep the air vents clear of dust with the brush on the hoover .

I rang PC world this morning ,as that is where we bought it from. The guy was more interested in if we had extended guarantee than advising over my problem.
He did say to take it in to PC world would cost 50 just for an assessment and parts on top.


16-08-2011, 12:21
Mine does the same, it just requires a gentle tap close to the fan and it stops the infernal racket

16-08-2011, 12:25
There are normally 2 fans on the PC, the power supply fan and the processor fan. It sounds as though it is the processor fan that is causing the problem.
This is the fan that sits on the motherboard, rather than the one that the mains lead plugs into.

Take the side off the PC and make sure the fans and heatsink are clear of dust and fluff, also the heatsink, under the processor fan. Also make sure no wires are touching or very close to the fans.

If everthing is OK then the bearing is probably worn on the fan and it needs replacing. How to do this depends on the type of motherboard and processor you have. You can do it yourself, and if you wish to do so please PM me and I'll send you instructions once I have more details. Alternatively you can take it into a PC repair shop. It should be quite a cheap repair as it is quite quick to do and the part is not expensive.

Pink shoes
16-08-2011, 13:00
Thank you Teddy. I sat on the floor and unplugged computer (health and my safety) took the side off the computer box. It was a little dusty inside. Got the trusty Vax and put the brush on the hose. Went around the inside with care.
Put the side back on and crossed fingers it would start! After a tence minute with the computer stuck on "WELCOME" it sprang into life and so far is silent.

24-08-2011, 16:11
Noisy fans are VERY easy to fix, if you know how to take it apart and clean it properly and also realign the fan so that it's hands are not knocking on anything, it maybe one of the hands has become bent or something, if that was the case they are VERy cheap and VERY easy to replace!! If you need any help contact me!!

24-08-2011, 16:22
3 solutions

1. check that none of the tiny wires/cables are touching the blades. secure them to one side. check the ones leading into fan and just bend them out of the way.

2. remove the dead cockroach thats been hibernating in the fan housing !

3. Turn volume of radio up !

Ecky Thump
24-08-2011, 16:31
Mine does the same, it just requires a gentle tap close to the fan and it stops the infernal racket

Why not hit it with a sledge hammer, after all its only a electronic machine!;):twak:

Pink shoes
24-08-2011, 16:40
Thanks guys. Since I went around the inside of the big box with the hoover brush silence is golden.