View Full Version : Wanted 1/2 bed apartment wanted in El Mirador, 9th October, 2011 for one week

21-08-2011, 14:49
Just back from staying in El Mirador ,we really like it their. Coming back on Oct 9th with our little girls this time for a week. Would like to be inside the gates of complex if possible. We have options to stay at Los Diamantes or Port Royale, but as I said we do like El Mirador, hope some of you guys can help.

21-08-2011, 16:43
I have one in Q block but its facing the road, there is a lock on the gate though. Its a 1 bed but we can always put a couple of z beds in there.pm me if you are interested.

21-08-2011, 17:04
Will do, thanks

30-08-2011, 12:50
canarygetaway,I sent a pm over a week ago still no answer

30-08-2011, 13:21
His inbox may be full ( though as he has a small number of posts maybe not?)

30-08-2011, 13:37
ok thanks, its just time is not on my side if I want to get an apt in El Mirador

30-08-2011, 13:56
Maybe the recent fines for illegal tourist letting on this complex, is making owners very cautious.

zumba queen
30-08-2011, 23:13
unless every bodies (family and friends) are using the apartments now the fines do not seem to be putting off the landlords because nearly everly apt is full,mores the pity.

04-09-2011, 21:14
Thanks to everyone who sent me a PM , we have an apartment now. Thanks again.