View Full Version : FOR SALE in Tenerife Surfboard

28-08-2011, 12:19
Good condition, 100 euros, please see photo, Size is about 204 metres and the name is C-Fins Pro, Pro Fin Design, Wan Mea
Pm me for any more details, thanks12751276

31-08-2011, 14:23
what size and make is the board ?

31-08-2011, 15:19
You say Surfboard but i only see a board bag

31-08-2011, 17:08
I will take a photo of the board tonight and put it on here and the size, sorry

Added after 3 Hours 11 minutes:

Ok have put the photos, it is about 2.4 metres, and the make is C-Find Pro Fin Design, let me know if there is anything else i can help with, thanks

01-09-2011, 16:24
OK theres been a few people selling and asking for surfboards on the forum, at least people can now see it.

The complex is el Mirador de la Gomera if i'm not mistaken