View Full Version : Has anyone opened a children's savings account in Tenerife?

28-08-2011, 12:22
Has anyone opened one of these for a child in Tenerife? I want to open one next week but would like info on the tax savings (if any) annual fees, interest options etc. If anyone has done this recently, let me know. Thanks.

28-08-2011, 13:54
My kids had these in the UK and when we moved here I asked at our Bank (Banca March) what where the options out here for this kind of account. The woman looked at me as if I was crazy wanting to open accounts for my kids and went on to say that she did not know of such things. To be honest if you can find anything and normal bank charges etc are applied to a kids account then I wouldn't think it worth doing. We ended up leaving the accounts open in the UK until they matured and then moved the money into ISA's for them.

28-08-2011, 13:56
All banks have them, I looked up a list earlier but I just dont know how they work here or if they are worthwhile. They seem to be for kids from 0 to 14 or 15 years old.

28-08-2011, 14:32
Caja Canarias have one, but your child will need a DNI or green certificate to open one... whereas Caja Siete will open one without DNI.

28-08-2011, 15:12
I' m interested also for my son but till now dident hear good things about the childensaccounts here in tenerife so dident even bother looking .
If you find anything good please let us know on the forum.

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28-08-2011, 15:30
I'm interested too in what options there may be, and if it's worth doing at all here... Need to have something for our son, but may have to look elsewhere if there is no good option here.

30-08-2011, 21:16
Ive just moved from Barclays premier to barclays wealth and moved all the kids accounts with it, you can manage them all online too