View Full Version : FOR SALE in Tenerife Household Clearance

29-08-2011, 14:54
LG DVD Player Excellent condition €25 now reduced to €15

IBM Think Pad. 12 inch screen,detachable from disc player e.t.c. for travelling €75 o.n.o now reduced to €50

19inch Hanns g Monitor. Excellent condition €50 now reduced to €40

Silver Ikea TV Unit with two glass shelves, easily stands a large tv on it, and room for a satellite box, dvd player, bbc box e.t.c. on it only €40

Pair of BMW round Spotlights, excellent condition €70

Everything must go, everything is reduced

P.M. for more details :)

29-08-2011, 18:31
Do you know the model number for the Panasonic surround sound? Are the rear speakers "wireless" ?

29-08-2011, 18:36
The model number is SB WA 310. The rear speakers are Not wireless :)

29-08-2011, 18:38
Thanks, was looking for a wireless rear speaker system as I have no way to get cables across the room.

29-08-2011, 19:05
LG DVD Player Excellent condition €15

IBM Think Pad. 12 inch screen,detachable from disc player e.t.c. for travelling €50 o.n.o

19inch Hanns g Monitor. Excellent condition €40

30-08-2011, 12:11
If anyone wants to see more pictures of the items I am selling, then pm myself, and I will email them to, as I cannot upload any more photographs on here :)

30-08-2011, 14:42
Can you tell me more about the Skymaster? What does it pick up with a metre dish?

30-08-2011, 15:11
You can receive hundreds of different channels if you are in the right area, it depends where youre satellite dish is pointed. :)

30-08-2011, 16:01
how can i get in contact with you as i am interested in a couple of items

30-08-2011, 16:17
Click on my name and send me a message :)

03-09-2011, 18:02
Call me on my number for that stereo please. Very interested

03-09-2011, 18:06
pm sent :)

04-09-2011, 15:39
Fire,Juicer and Surround Sound System are now all sold. Still have the other stuff available folks:)

09-09-2011, 14:30
Open to offers on the Household Clearance, due to moving, everything must go, make us an offer folks:)

12-09-2011, 08:43
are the free view boxes still for sale

12-09-2011, 08:56
Yes the free view boxes are still for sale

12-09-2011, 14:06
can you phone me on 922775014 for directions to pick up the 2 free views

12-09-2011, 17:56
Tried to call, but no answer :confused:

13-09-2011, 08:24
sorry mised your call can you try again on 922775014 or 659417709 before noon thanks

13-09-2011, 09:07
Basically, it is a box that picks up Spanish Channels and you can turn most of them into English speaking channels. :)

13-09-2011, 14:36
Have the freeview boxes gone now then? If not i'm interested in one, thanks

13-09-2011, 15:48
Not sure if you would call it a heater or what in english,but the black old fashioned looking coal heater how much are you asking for it???

13-09-2011, 17:38
I still have the Free View boxes, and sorry Chicharrera, the fire has been sold :)

14-09-2011, 18:33
Hoover, Sony midi system, free view boxes have now all been sold :)

18-09-2011, 09:57
Two white tall wall units with glass shelves and storage space underneath, complete with two matching wall mirrors now reduced to only €40 for the whole lot. Must go, moving on Friday :)

19-09-2011, 09:11
142814261427Cmon, who wants this bargain, these units are lovely, and someone must want a home for them. An absolute bargain :)

Added after 10 Hours 17 minutes:

Wall units now reduced to 35 and the Ikea T.V. Stand now only 30 .Pm for details :)