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03-09-2011, 22:34
Default User Text Formatting - Allow users to choose there default text formatting from (User CP).and applied on new threads, new replies and group discussions, With inline styling preview and Zero Query!

AdminCP controller.

ability to turn it on or Off.
ability to set font types
ability to set font colors.
ability to set font sizes.


What does this actually do

Well if you like to have your style of posts set in a certain type of Font/Colour/bold etc and set it as permanent all your posts will come out in the choice you make ,you can also revert back to forum default etc

we find its a handy tool and our members love it :tiphat:

it may come in handy and is also a simple xml plugin ,hope this may be of some use


04-09-2011, 00:04
Could this possibly be added please Admin? Using fonts and colours is awkward at the moment!