View Full Version : What do ex Residents miss about Tenerife?

06-06-2011, 20:08
For many of us that have lived in Tenerife & returned to UK, there must be some things that we all miss about the island.

No regrets about moving back as we have more security in UK, but for me.... the things that i miss the most has to be:

Number 1, my family who are still there.

cheap booze & ciggies :cheers:

nice meals out in different restaurants. What used to be taken for granted each week, is now a one off occasion. :hungry:

And finally......... Sitting on the terrace at night with a bottle of vino, even in winter, with a view to die for.

blue marlin
06-06-2011, 22:50
I miss the Sun

Cheap fags and vino but most of all i miss my friends well the genuine ones

07-06-2011, 00:26
U said it all Caroll.......?

Malteser Monkey
07-06-2011, 09:21
I agree well summed up Caroll

I miss the Canarian cuisine and specially the queso blanco de cabra. You can get manchego but it still doesn't taste the same

ok something daft to laugh at - When I first returned I was in B & Q with OH's mother, I spotted a bag of spuds in a crate by the tills. I called her over and said "oh good I wasn't sure If I could get these potatoes here I buy some and make canarian potatoes for tea"

They were potting potatoes - to this day I'm still not sure what's the difference

08-06-2011, 19:42
It has to be the lifestyle that we had to be able to go out as a family and not have people treating the kids like 2nd class citizens whenever we went for a meal,the friendlyness of the locals where we lived and the willingness of them to help us understand the lingo better and the main thing has to be the beach at tejita with the waves crashing on the shore,just thinking of it now makes me so want to return and sure one day I will.

08-06-2011, 19:47
I miss the Sun

Cheap fags and vino but most of all i miss my friends well the genuine ones

..............and you're friends miss you too. xxx

blue marlin
08-06-2011, 22:19
..............and you're friends miss you too. xxx

Thanks Hun xxx

08-06-2011, 23:11
it has to be the lifestyle, good weather, happy people, meeting new people everyday, back here we don't smile as much, we just keep on working and hoping one day we can return to our life there.