View Full Version : Where can I hire a van in Tenerife?

16-09-2011, 15:29
i dont need a man and a van, i just need the van (sorry Andy)
Where hires vans and what is the average price per day

16-09-2011, 18:54
The only place i know is Jocar on the main street at Guaza, i think they are about 120€ for the day. :)

17-09-2011, 11:39
Thanks Andy, we hired one from Guaza a couple of years ago. must be the same place, we were charged i think 100 euros, was trying to find somewhere cheaper, maybe im just comparing to uk van hire lol, so maybe off back to gauza again, i wouldnt mind we only need it to make 4/5 trips up our hill from down the bottom of the road where the container is going to be :ashamed: dont fancy doing it by hand and foot lol

17-09-2011, 13:23
Give me a ring and i will see what i can do for you, sounds like i might cheaper than hiring a van ??? Will PM my number now.