View Full Version : Scam emails - be careful even if appeal for help seems genuine

07-06-2011, 10:05
This has just arrived in my email box - someone's mail has been hacked - hopefully none of her contacts will fall for it

Hi,sorry to disturb you with this.I'm out of the country hoping to return before tuesday 7th of june but right now i am in a terrible situation and i really need a help.I'll explain the situation better and refund you immediately i get back this weekend.Please do let me know will it be possible and make sure you keep this between us.I do not have access to calls.
Thanks! *******,

07-06-2011, 10:59
This was doing the rounds last year. One of my clients fell for it and sent them some money, "for emergency medical bills" as they were aparently struck down with ilness in Africa which of course ended up in some Nigerians bank account. The first the person who was supposed to be in trouble knew about it was when the friend who sent the money saw them walking down the street and asked them how they were!!!