View Full Version : Wanted Bus, Coach, Transfers Driving jobs wanted (Bilingual in English & Spanish)

29-09-2011, 00:23

Me and my boyfriend lived in Tenerife for nearly 4 months last year but found it difficult finding work, so we are back in the UK. We both have spanish parents and are fluent in both English & Spanish.

Since we have got back to the UK we have never stopped dreaming of one day returning to Tenerife but it needs to be with a possible job in the horizon... My boyfriend is now a fully trained bus driver and has been working for the London buses a year now but would prefer if he was driving in Tenerife not London.
I constantly look on the Titsa website but they never advertise for bus drivers. Have applied to companies online in the airport asking if they had any airport transfer jobs and got no replies.
If anyone knows how to go about this or knows anyone on the buses please ask!

I also was a bus driver for 2 years in London but would prefer other work, in hotels, admin etc I have experience in admin and customers service and as i said before im FLUENT in Spanish & English both written and spoken. Can anyone help us get back to Tenerife...? lol!

Thanks for reading this!

16-11-2011, 16:49
Hi, we are looking for people to work with our company as Nutrition & Wellness Coaches. We are looking for people that are interested in this field of work, are self-starters and like helping people. We are holding an open morning/lunch presentation on Saturday 26th November in San Miguel de Abona starting at 11-30am. If you'd be interested to come and meet us on an informal, no-obligation basis then you are very welcome. Message me back if you are interested and/or have any questions. Kind Regards, Patrick Collins

PS YOU can attend a similar meeting in the UK if interested