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04-10-2011, 21:21
Its a long story. When we moved into our house 6 years ago there was insufficient Telefonica infrastructure and we had to wait for a land line. A year passed, 18 months, nothing. Then, the next door neighbour said he was moving out, and did we want his line. We jumped at the chance. He told telefonica he was moving to our house, they moved the line, he moved out, and a couple of weeks later I changed the name on the bill to ours. Simples.
We received calls for him for a while but you expect that, I had a number for him then so used to pass it on. However, now its a different story. It started maybe at the beginning of this year. Calls from Citibank asking for the neighbour. I was polite at first, explaining the situation, that I didnt know where he is now (true, I have no idea if they moved back to the UK, I certainly havent seen them in Tenerife for years) and that I didnt know him personally, and no, he is not a member of my family. Now its just silly. They call, every day, up to three times. It starts at 7.30am, another one around mid day, and another about 4pm. The numbers all start with 916. I have tried being nice, I have tried being annoyed, I have tried not answering at all. Then they leave the same message every time and it takes me ages to get the messages cleared. Its starting to feel like harrasment. I cant write to them as I have no contact details, they only ring. When I tell them I dont know where this man is, I can TELL they dont believe me. Although i speak Spanish they will know Im English from the accent so its like they think, the man we want is English, this person is English, therefore she MUST know this man. Really getting to the end of my tether with it all now.
Does anyone have a similar experience? And how was it resolved? To me, these people are like criminals - no better than someone who makes dirty phone calls. Am I annoyed? Just a bit!!!!

04-10-2011, 21:29
My sympathies .... I had somewhat similar treatment from Santander even though it was a mistake by the branch - same rhythm starting at 7.30 am. Finally the branch did make it stop, which is not an option for you.

Some thoughts - next time, ask for a Supervisor - then ask for a name and address of someone to write to, saying nicely that you will write in to explain it all for their files to help them recover the money (do not get fobbed off with an email address) ... then maybe a burofax to that person saying you will denounce them for harrassment and the making of threats if the calls do not stop .....

04-10-2011, 21:37
Suzy the next time you get a call why do you not ask for the address of their head office or an email address for them. I know it is not the same thing but I had been trying for months to cancel a Vodafone contract in the shops and on the phone with no luck whatsoever. I managed to find an email address on here that was posted and duly sent them an email telling them of my problems and to be honest it was quite an irate email because I had just about had enough. Took less than a week to get a phone call from Vodafone telling me it had been cancelled.

At least by putting something in writing/email you can explain exactly what is happening without being interrupted.

04-10-2011, 22:28
I will try and get an address, thank you. Some days it gets to me more than others. Like when Im upstairs and the phone rings, I dash down to find its them -again!!! Infuriating. Grrr!!!

04-10-2011, 23:18
That is one of the major problems that expats are not used to. (I know this has been said a million times before)

Debts stay with the item rather than the debtor.

04-10-2011, 23:50
The debt isnt with the house though, the only link they have to him is the phone number. I asked them one time to call telefonica and ask who owns the line. I thought this would prove that the owner of the line is not their man. But no, they call and call and call.
Interestingly, the owners of the house he rented were here the other week, and I asked, is there registered mail in their mail box for him, burofax etc. But they said no..... Which is odd. They call constantly, but dont write to the address, which he must have had to give them at some point.
By the way, the people who call are the pre judicial office of the credit card department. You would think they would be a bit smarter wouldnt you.....

05-10-2011, 00:05
I know this is slightly off topic, but I am making a point (Not to you, Sue, but members who are unaware)

When you buy anything, debt check is paramount..(Sorry for the hijack)

05-10-2011, 00:15
I was in the same situation a couple of years ago and it was doing my head in until I decided to just have some fun with it!
When I was asked if I was ............ I just replied yep! Then let them waffle on for a while. I gave different responses every time until they got bored. Don't let them get you down.

05-10-2011, 00:20
haha!!! Great plan. Might try that for the hell of it. Some days it doesnt get me down - Im not a wimp and tend to be one of those people that just gets on with things. But sometimes, it I feel like theyre invading my house, and its not our fault. They make you feel like a criminal!!!!

05-10-2011, 00:44
Next tiime you talk to them, let them tell you all about whatever the problem is. Get the name of the person you are speaking to, contact telephone numebr and say you will ring them back. Record the conversation or tell them that you have recorded it. Then talk to a supervisor and raise the issue of the Data Protection Act! If they have discussed personal information and named the person it all relates to they can be faced with a hefty fine 60k+. That should get rid.
Best of luck

05-10-2011, 01:14
Brilliant plan!! Will try it. Thanks :)

05-10-2011, 01:25
now that you have the line, can you get Telefonica to issue you a new number ? Make up a silly excuse, like a heavy breather etc ?

Stefan Dee
05-10-2011, 07:30
You obviously have number ID on your phone, canīt you block the number? If not when you know itīs them just answer the phone say nothing put the phone down to one side for half an hour leaving the line open for as long as possible.

05-10-2011, 10:05
They call from lots of different numbers Stef. They all start with 916 though so know its them. I dont really want to change the number as I havent done anything wrong and dont see why i should have to hide from a so called legal company.

05-10-2011, 10:27
Sadly it is the modus operandi of these outfits ... put the person under as much pressure as possible ... and it turns out to be double the pressure for the those who are not actually responsible/in the wrong because of the feeling of helplessness :(

05-10-2011, 11:15
Hi Suzy

916 is the dial code for Sacramento CA

There are only 3 Citibank branches listed in Sacramento and I've listed their addresses and phone numbers below

Hope this helps.


1116 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento - (800) 627-3999

5618 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento - (800) 627-3999

436 Howe Avenue, Sacramento - (800) 627-3999

05-10-2011, 13:33
It's more likely to be Citi Bank Spain - 916 on the mainland :)


05-10-2011, 13:44
916 is one of the Area codes in Madrid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_numbers_in_Spain)

05-10-2011, 14:12
now that you have the line, can you get Telefonica to issue you a new number ? Make up a silly excuse, like a heavy breather etc ?

Stop suggesting methods that might spoil my fun ;-)

05-10-2011, 19:10
I was in the same situation a couple of years ago and it was doing my head in until I decided to just have some fun with it!
When I was asked if I was ............ I just replied yep! Then let them waffle on for a while. I gave different responses every time until they got bored. Don't let them get you down.

This guy has a novel way of dealing with it.


05-10-2011, 20:27
Is there possibly a Branch in Tenerife..?
A Face to Face might work wonders, if You were to explain in Person..

05-10-2011, 20:34
Thanks for all your comments. I've missed all three calls today but they've left messages - again!!! Is there a citi bank here do you know?

05-10-2011, 20:46
Rambla 25 de Julio, 4C/ San Clemente, 24
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel.: 922 5341602

11-10-2011, 18:38
I am in suspense Suzy. How did it go.?