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  1. Dad’s fear of dentist impacts on kids

    A new study from the University of Madrid highlights the important role that parents play in the transmission of dentist fear in their family – in particular, dads.

    Previous studies had already identified the association between the fear levels of parents and their children, but they never explored the different roles that the father and the mother play in this phenomenon.

    América Lara Sacido, one of ...
  2. Dental implants aftercare tips

    The following information provides some useful tips to help aid the healing process of teeth implants. Useful tips for aftercare implants treatment.

    IF LOCAL ANESTHESIA WAS USED: Usually the anesthesia usually lasts 3 to 4 hours. To avoid injury to the tongue, cheeks or lips, avoid chewing until the numbness goes away. It is also advisable to avoid hot drinks and / or foods until the effects disappear completely. ...

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    Dental Health and Care
  3. Pregnancy and dental health

    if you are pregnant, your gums are more likely to become inflamed or infected. Most pregnant women experience bleeding gums, especially when brushing teeth or flossing. GINGIVITIS is the inflammation of the gums. PERIODONTITIS is an infection of the gums. During pregnancy also notice that your mouth produces more saliva.

    The teeth and gums change during pregnancy, ...
  4. What do people think of the no smoking laws in Tenerife these days?


    It's great to feel smug, I gave up smoking 15 years ago and I gave up drinking nearly five years, if I give up SEX, then I would have saved 50% of the worlds problems!!
  5. Tenerife Writers' Club

    Quote Originally Posted by tonythorne View Post
    I'm delighted to (modestly) mention that I have just received an EMail from a Californian publisher, as follows, regarding my first novel, POINTS OF VIEW which has been edited and proofed for the Young Adults and General Readers market.

    Dear Tony,
    Your YA high tech sf / spy thriller is accepted for publication by Eternal Press.

    I've attached the Author Formatting Guidelines. You'll be receiving an email from our Senior Editor with a Contract and an
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