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  1. Employment Re: Looking for a job in Tenerife experienced bar manager

    You, along with many other fluent Spanish speakers. Can you compete with them? If not, get learning now is the best advice most folk will give you.
  2. Re: Long Let required

    Long term rentals are 6 months minimum. 2 months is not 'long term' just a long holiday!
  3. Cars & Transport Re: driving from uk

    Btw nicky3006 We went Portsmouth / Santander then drove through some beautiful scenery through Spain to Huelva (near Cadiz) and took the Spanish Armas ferry. A real mix of lovely passengers... from...
  4. Cars & Transport Re: driving from uk

    We drove from UK in a Tenerife vehicle someone had driven back to the UK. Remember if you buy a LH drive with Spanish plates you will still be liable for import tax - unless you have owned the car...
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    Re: unemployment benefits

    No it's NOT true.
  6. Re: Social welfare

    Hi there
    I think you'll need the Seguridad Social Office in Granadilla.... need an appointment first. ( Don't know what a U2 format is but guess you'll need to have an NIE...
  7. Re: Moving to tenerife

    Hi Jackpotscott

    We moved here almost two years ago and love it. On Tenerife forum we found our first/starter apartment renting. Also on here found an H1 Tenerife registered Van that a returning...
  8. Other Re: Mail from US

    Waiting for something to arrive... so...Put in a google search last week - Spanish postal delays. Read of La Figaro that Madrid Main Sorting house has faced 200 postal workers laid off. striked, and...
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    Re: Winter fuel allowance for uk pensioners

    Thanks Moderator. Sent my email and added the following couple of points. 3. I have paid fully into the tax and social security system every day of my working life since I was 17 years old...
  10. Relocation Re: Moving to Tenerife End of January beginning of Febuary

    First tip: Learn Spanish :)
  11. Other Re: The Twelve Days of Christmas

    Love it.....what a clever one you are!
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    Re: Merry Christmas forum members

    Merry Christmas everyone :) xx
  13. Re: Driving car to tenerife

    Welcome to Tenerife Algowall, We were lucky enough to change our car with a person just 10 days before we left the UK. All done via this forum too, we swapped our UK car for his (recently returned...
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    Re: Let's get members posting again

    Where is this market please? Lissalyon
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    Re: Anyone watching strictly ?

    Have watched since series 1 (as an ex dancing teacher, cabaret troupe leader and choreographer it's a must!) Yeh Scot Mills reminds me of the stomping 'coronation street' **** who managed to get...
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    Re: Lets Get Members Posting Again

    Hello, Can I just say something please. I joined the forum before I left the UK, I found our first apartment on here and various other helpful hints. I have lived here for 18 months now and have...
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    Paperwork Re: How do I register my S1

    Welcome to the forum, yes you do need your (what used to be called a residencia) a registro (or registro fiscal if you intend to work in any way) before you can activate your S1 - it says that on...
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    Re: It will never happen

    It will and it has and you're wrong:wink2:
  19. Shopping Re: Traditional Canarian Costume

    Thank you kind people, will look there today or Monday if they are closed. Thanks again.... that was my first ever new post!!
  20. Shopping Where can I buy traditional Canarian costume?

    Anyone know where I can get a man's waistcoat that will pass muster as a (Male) traditional Spanish costume? We live in Playa de San Juan so sorry we haven't lived here long enough if your reply says...
  21. Re: Does anyone have Wolfgang's (the mechanic) phone number?

    Try *removed* hope it's the correct Wolfgang!!
  22. Re: A special Thank You to some very special people in Tenerife.

    Sorry to hear, but wish you all the best. Think positive..... I looked after my Dad when the same happened to him..... but he was left handed!:)
    Take care.... x
  23. Travel Re: Where are dogs kept when you travel with them by ferry to Tenerife?

    Forgot to say that the info I gave was only a couple of month ago April 2013!
  24. Travel Re: Where are dogs kept when you travel with them by ferry to Tenerife?

    On the Spanish ferry from Huelva to Santa Cruz they are out on the top deck of the vessel. Mostly in the shade and can be tied with a lead to lay outside the large wire 'cages' and plenty of bowls...
  25. Thread: Hello all!

    by ArtyWendy

    Re: Hello all!

    Welcome Charlie. We loved Tenerife so much we moved here! ....and this lovely forum helped us find our accommodation and our vehicle...yeh it's great....
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