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    Long Term Rental Re: 1 bed apartment on Amarilla Golf

    this apartment is available for long let again, please contact me for details and viewing appointment
  2. Re: What's the best way to get UK channels in Tenerife now?

    i was unfortunate to be conned into their system which in 15 months has gone up by 20%,, based in mainland spain and a telephone customer service who take pleasure at laughing at tenerife clients,...
  3. Re: What's the best way to get UK channels in Tenerife now?

    for gods sake stay clear of EUROPA NETWORK ,
    the worst customer service ever very poor signals constantly hangs up and no technician on the island.
  4. Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum Everton Football Club discussion thread

    havent been on for a while but went to see the boys, was allowed pitchside, good thing about a wheelchair and mett EVERYONE.. GREEAT PICS, Oviedo was great, seamus was a laugh, jags a gentleman, long...
  5. Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum Everton Football Club discussion thread

    where are they staying?
    where are they training? can you get in to see them?
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    Bars Re: The Emerald Lounge, San Blas CC, Golf Del Sur;

    Paul and Caroline, imo, run the best bar on the golf, always friendly, smiling, open arms welcome, ive found i hardly drink anywhere else these days and ive lived on the golf a good few years
  7. Re: school tomorrow?

    thanks primrose, sorry about your team, lol
  8. Are the schools open tomorrow, 4th November 2013, in Tenerife?

    my daughter is driving me nuts, anyone heard about schools tomorrow?
  9. Re: Internet TV

    For gods sake use anyone but Europa network, the worst customer service and very poor quality TV supply, constantly freezing and losing the facility all together
  10. Sticky: Other Re: Pebble Beach, Amarilla Golf, apartment owners thread.

    as opposed to Los Christianos etc. which is as safe as the Bank of England

    - - - - - - - - - - merged double post - - - - - - - - - -

    Detectives posing as holidaymakers? lol, where do they...
  11. Property Re: Groupon offer for energy certificates today, 9th August 2013

    Does any property NEED one. Yes i know its a legal requirement, however, need? With all certificates coming back F or G and quoted prices varying from the sublime to the ridiculous, ive been quoted...
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    Vacancy Re: Temporary cleaner

    position filled thankyou
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    Vacancy Temporary cleaner wanted on the Golf del Sur

    my cleaner is going on holiday, need a temp for 2 weeks, its 2 hours a day 3 days a week, 7.50 an hour, message me for more info
  14. Long Term Rental Re: Re-advertised after major refusbishment

    now rented , can admin remove please
  15. Advice wanted Re: Is opening a tea room in south Tenerife a good idea?

    If you feel this is for you then do it. Unfortunately there are many failures on this island who thought they knew about running a business and even thoughs who dont even live here who love to...
  16. Finance Re: Can anyone recommend a financial advisor in Tenerife?

    paul montague, the best, and a gentleman even though supports a strange team
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    Re: Palm Mar or Poo Mar?

    is that a technical term?
  18. Holiday Rental Re: Which complexes on Golf del Sur are bona fide holiday accommodation?

    royal tenerife country club, golf park
  19. Long Term Rental Large 1 bed, 1 bath apartment on the Amarilla Golf

    Large 1 bedroom , 1 bathroom apartment on Amarrilla Golf, comprising of:
    Lagre sunny terrace , which can be fenced for pets , spcious fully furnished livingroom with UK TV , brand new kitchen with...
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    Other Re: Buda bar closed

    so in answer to your question Rossco nobody on here has a scooby doo why its closed but thanks for giving the opportunity to slag off something that may help raise peoples expectations of bars in...
  21. Relocation Re: ready for another wanna move? ...... its long!!!

    go for it, you sound far more clued up than i was, and im now celebrating my 20th year here!!!!!
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    Re: How do the Forum Member Categories work?

    I was ecstatic to be informed im a Tenerifian and couldnt wait to tell family and friends!! However having been here 20 years and 3 months, havng owned 3 companies here, vote here, pay taxes here,...
  23. Health Re: What is maternity care like in the Green Hospital in south Tenerife?

    my daughter was born there, but it was 16 years ago, i have had treatments there, i have M.S. and i personally think it is a woderful clean hospital staffed by caring professionals, and thats with...
  24. Re: Hi, new here. Need to know the fun places on Golf del Sur.

    you REALLY need to get out more
  25. Re: Hi, new here. Need to know the fun places on Golf del Sur.

    on the top square of centro commercial san blas, its called Bibo, amazing goat curry
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