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  1. Thread: Sea kayak

    by stringfellas

    WANTED in Tenerife Sea kayak

    Wanted a 2 man kayak
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    WANTED in Tenerife 2 single beds with mattresses

    Need a couple of good condition single beds
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    Other Website developer wanted.

    Web site developer wanted to build a web site in the next week
    apply with PM
  4. Home and Garden I need to fit a new pool pump. Can anyone help?

    Anyone know anything about fitting a new pool pump
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    WANTED in Tenerife Table Tennis table

    wanted in tenerife south table tennis table
  6. SOLD Re: Four single beds complete with mattresses

    Are the beds still for sale i would be interested in at least 2 if not all four
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    Sticky: Re: Driving License

    Thanks for that TF1 and you will find the police dont harass everyone. They leave the black prostitute/robbers and morrocan pick pockets alone its a disgrace that is going to ruin this island every...
  8. Cars & Transport What is the law regarding driving on a non Spanish Driving License in Tenerife?

    What is the law regarding driving here on the new European driving license the one with the small steering wheel symbol on the rear side is it legal because there seems to be some confusion. Please...
  9. Utilities Can anyone recommend a Gas boiler service engineer in Tenerife?

    Hello is there anyone on the island competent to service a Vaillant gas boiler . I have been having trouble for months keeping the pilot light alight and eventually called the Registered Vaillant...
  10. Wanted 2 bed 1 month rental in the Los Cristianos area.

    Does anyone have a 2 bedroom apartment in the general las americas los cristianos area for 4 professional people for rent from this friday 30th November for 3/4 weeks. They go home for christmas so...
  11. WANTED in Tenerife 13kg calor gas bottles for portable gas fire

    I am still looking for a calor gas portable heater and i will probably need to buy some spare gas bottles can anyone help
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    WANTED in Tenerife Calor gas heater and bottle

    Is any one selling a calor gas portable heater not a patio heater one for inside the house
  13. Other Does anyone know of a mobile crane hire company in Tenerife?

    Can ayone recommend a mobile crane company
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    Sticky: Finance Re: What's the current exchange rate in Tenerife?

    I am looking to exchange some sterling for euros anyone need sterling inbox me
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    Wanted Machinist in Tenerife

    Can anybody help me I need three pairs of curtains sewn together they are 90 inches long so 270 inches of straightforward sewing work
    please in box me a price and telephone number and i will get...
  16. WANTED in Tenerife Boxing punch bag and weight training equipment

    Hi I am looking for a reasonably priced decent punchbag wall mounted or ceiling hung
    Also would be interested in buying some free weights and a bench if anyone has a set going for a sensible price
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    WANTED in Tenerife 2nd hand Laptops

    I am looking to buy a couple of lap tops or net books with wifi and built in modems dont have to be high spec just sufficient for using with webcam on skype I will collect cash waiting
  18. Other Re: We wanted to come to Tenerife for January

    i can remember swimming in the sea a few days before christmas and when i left for the uk on the 8th january the temperture was 28 degrees celsius
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    Vacancy Website builder

    i am looking for a website builder who can come to our office sit down with us and build us a good functioning website would suit someone self employed terms of contract to be agreed pm me for...
  20. Acoustic drum set

    Does anyone have a set of acoustic drums that a visiting band can borrow or hire for a few days from friday the 28th thru to sunday the 30th september. They are playing friday night saturday night...
  21. Fixed Phones I'm having problems getting Telefonica to transfer my line

    Can anyone help me?. In April this year I moved house and informed Telefonica that i would need my telephone line transferred. After 3 weeks of continually ringing them they finally installed my...
  22. Why can't I advertise my bootcamp for free on the Tenerife Forum?

    Can anyone on here explain to me why its possible to advertise a business for sale but not possible to advertise on the sports section for a bootcamp course which would benefit a lot of forum members...
  23. Wanted Long let in the Madronal area near Gran Sur, Tenerife, that will accept animals

    Wanted a 2 bedroom apartment that will accept a very well behaved dog within walking distance of the German School. For professional woman her daughter and mother. Please Pm me any details would like...
  24. Vacancy Publicity girls for Las Americas, Tenerife

    Public relation girls wanted for bar in veronicas commission sales on Gentleman's lap dance boat trips ticket sales 10 euros/ticket and commission sales on clubs VIP tickets 7 euros/ticket. Bar will...
  25. Is the 'Chubby Brown' show on at 'The Pub' tonight?

    Can anyone tell me if chubby brown is on at the PUB torviscas tonight
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