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    Re: What music are you listening to today?

    Best rock/blues guitarist, a genius. God Hendrix was aware of that. In addition to his soul and energy, the rhythm section in here (bass and drum) was...
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    Advice wanted Shipping items from TF to UK

    Hello everyone,

    I'd like to ship my bass guitar from Tenerife to the UK so that any advice as to how get this done would be appreciate.


  3. Re: Is anyone interested in a Spanish-English language exchange?

    Hi Young Tony,

    So sorry for the delay in geeting back to you. I am living abroad now so cannot help you...unless you are in Plymouth, Devon.

    All the best in your learning adventure,

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    Business for rent Business properties to rent in Cabo Blanco

    Hello everyone,

    2 Business premises for rent in Cabo Blanco, Calle Santa Isabel close to local amenities. 30 (used to be a cyber) and 60 (used to be a fashion shop) spm inside with sanitary...
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    RENTED Re: Flat for rent in Cabo Blanco, Tenerife

    The property is not longer available.

    Many thanks to all those were interested.
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    RENTED Flat for rent in Cabo Blanco, Tenerife

    Property info
    •Long term flat for rent.
    •Available immediately.
    •300€/month. All bills included except electricity.
    •Deposit: 600€
    •No fees apply.

    More details upon...
  7. Education Re: Is this racism?

    Certainly 9Plus, I can't understand your question and I can't see any problem either. How many times on this forum, even on this thread, have you seen comments that went over and over again on a...
  8. Education Re: Is this racism?

    Hi Woolli,

    In this link you can see the current admission criteria

    If you meet these it shouldn't have any problem to get a...
  9. Education Re: Is this racism?

    Sorry for waste your time (there is no ironic on this). I do not need any proof, because I am sure you are saying the truth. I have never come across with such strange situation neither when I was...
  10. Education Re: Is this racism?

    Wingate...I had and I still hacve the funds but even though I could not have a place for my son. But this could be another thread.

    Quote: With regards to you saying its impossible according to...
  11. Education Re: Is this racism?

    Hi Wooli!

    All this sounds as a big misunderstanding. Unfortunately, as well as in England for example, you cannot apply for a place in any secondary school or collage you want. Your first "choice"...
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    Other Re: Major Crime (nottt!!) on Las Vistas Beach


    Why is everybody so sure that the sculptor was arrested just for being an illegal sculptor? Did anyone ask the police about it?

    None is arrested by seven policemen without powerfull...
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    Advice wanted Where can I get printed bags in south Tenerife?

    Hello everyone,

    We need printed bags for one fashion shop.

    Does anyone know about any company, in Tenerife, which can provide us with them?

    Thanks for Reading,

  14. Re: Why are the Guardia Civil stopping so many cars today near Adeje?

    Perhaps they were working for your (our) security...just I wonder
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    Health Re: EU raps Spain over European Health Card.

    Albatros, sorry but I disagree. As far as I know, in GB things look pretty much the same than here. The point of my thead was bring to your attention that EHCI does not fit for all purposes and ask...
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    Health Re: EU raps Spain over European Health Card.


    British seem to be very happy with this initiative from EU, me too. However, they are not so happy when it comes to offer the same treat in terms of health care to those who are not British...
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    Euro crisis by Al Murray

    2:15 He explains the Spanish situation :agree:
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    Re: What music are you listening to today?

    Some songs never die...
  19. Television Re: Brothers and Sisters Channel "divinity" info?

    So sorry for my delayed response. Unfortunately, this time I won't be helpful as I do not watch much on TV.
  20. Laws & Regulations Re: What paperwork do I need to open a guesthouse in Tenerife?

    Cerceta...this is the best advice you could have had. Straightforward, practical and for free :)
  21. Health Re: Workplace Injury; What is the procedure?

    Yes, you would. If you are working under an employment contract (full time, part time or another type) you are entitled to go to the Mutua in case of workplace accident.

    Notice the fact that...
  22. Health Re: Workplace Injury; What is the procedure?

    Before that any business starts to run it is automatically associated to a Mutua by the social security system. Of course, a gestor may chose a different Mutua. To put it simple, without being...
  23. Health Re: Workplace Injury; What is the procedure?

    Sorry for hearing your wife had an accident.

    Every workplace accident (under employment contract) must be treated by a "Mutua of Accidents and Occupational Illness." Every employer, even...
  24. Laws & Regulations Re: Spanish health & safety regulations for businesses


    UK H&S regulations and the Spanish ones are equals. In fact, the Spanish ones are more restrictive in certain points. Both have the same aim and put on employers' backs the same vast...
  25. Laws & Regulations Re: Spanish Health & Safety Regulations

    You're right.

    Last year I visited Germany, Malta and England (several times) and there's also plenty of work to do there.

    Compliance depend highly on employers and managers' commitment rather...
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