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  1. SOLD Re: 4 bed house in San Isidro for rent from January 2015

    Private message sent
  2. SOLD 4 bed house in San Isidro for rent from January 2015

    We have our 4 bed house available for rent from the beginning of January
    It is now only part furnished it has as per the photos upstairs but downstairs is empty

    It does have all the white goods...
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    FOR SALE in Tenerife Skoda Octavia 2011

    Skoda Octavia 2011 1.9TDi Diesel saloon colour beige/cappucino 44,000kms serviced by main dealer 11,000 euro ono
  4. Other Re: Gatwick

    Sounds good i walked about half a mile away from liverpool airport as my brother was picking me up he stopped no traffic and i threw my case in all less than a minute got a parking fine 4 months...
  5. SOLD Re: 4 Bedroom Town House for rent in Los Cardones, San Isidro

    Time wasters so still available.
  6. SOLD Re: 4 Bedroom Town House for rent in Los Cardones, San Isidro

    still available
  7. SOLD Re: 4 Bedroom Town House for rent in Los Cardones, San Isidro

    Additional photos here.

  8. SOLD 4 bedroom town house for rent in Los Cardones, San Isidro

    To rent, newly decorated 4 bed mid terrace town house with own garage and terrace situated in Los Cardones, San Isidro. The house is not in a community.

    Upstairs has 4 bedrooms (three with...
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    SOLD Re: 4 bed 2 bath house in Los Cardones, San Isidro

    I am marking this thread as "SOLD" and will repost a new thead with additional details and some photos.


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    SOLD 4 bed 2 bath house in Los Cardones, San Isidro

    To rent 4 bed 2 bath house with garage and terrace situated in Los Cardones behind the new play park and 1 minute from the motorway and close to schools and all amenities. It is available furnished...
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    Sticky: Re: advice re what we pay each month social security

    no wonder forum is crap cos you cant post anything lol comes up 10 caracters does that mean a word or sentence. How crap and tell people how its done what a laugh lol.
  12. Paperwork Re: What's the cost of an opening licence in Tenerife?

    What is the situation when the opening licence was applied for yrs ago. What are the current laws on bars being on the first floor or above as have heard prob rubbish ! that you need lifts etc . For...
  13. Paperwork Re: opening licence

    What is the situation now if you applied years ago but licences can only be got in the near future as in what works in bar need to be met and being 1st or 2nd floor in a building and toilets etc....
  14. Other Re: Where is Mike Carlton performing in Tenerife these days?

    Heard Ray Wilde was filling in so there still putting on a great compere ! so know one should be dissappointed.
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    Animal Chat Re: Raffa the mobile vet

    What services does he do as never heard of him before as would be interested in getting my 18 yr dog looked at. She is blind , deaf etc so cant put her through going to vets as in walking etc as only...
  16. Re: Which pubs are showing Celtic match on the 2nd January 2013?

    I would say no one would be showing it as the satellites showing the game you wouldnt really need here for a bar. All probably would just be streaming it from internet noticed you from amarilla i...
  17. Shopping Re: Where can I buy a birthday cake in Playa de las Americas?

    Obviously depends on how much you are spending on a cake loads of places but need to spend probably a tenner on a good one.
  18. Internet Re: Does anyone have a link to the Movistar/Telefonica speed test?

    Try gives download speed and upload hope this helps .
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    Television Re: Understanding boxes which live steam TV

    You need to buy an apple tv box 1st or 2nd generation think they are around 150 quid on ebay these also come with everything pre loaded so you dont have to mess yourself. I have the same software as...
  20. Other Re: Has "Aries Bar" Amarilla Golf closed down?

    Change of ownership will be open from today i think or definately this week.
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    Television Re: Is the UKTV signal still ok?

    what channels are 5 and 6 ?
  22. Re: Post deliveries in Amarilla Golf are not delivered to my house. What can I do?

    Pretty sure that electric bills etc get sent back after 15 days as i was getting nothing for the bar so got the electric company to send it too my house address. Once you change names of electric etc...
  23. Re: travel discount for resadents

    Where you travelling too.
  24. Thread: Animal charities

    by Ian_N

    Animal Chat Animal charities

    All i care about is the animals but when they come into a charity they should care but with a kid or animal dogs etc it doesnt always happen! x
    People can have problems with dog charities etc and...
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    Charity Notice Re: Live Arico is not closed

    No actually ! last i looked i have only one child which is male and lives with me in San Isidro he is eight yrs of age and goes to the school in El Medeno. His dad is Ian and mum Jan. Your obviously...
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