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  1. Re: Where can I get a map of Victoria Court 1, Los Cristianos, Tenerife?

    27A1 on the same side as reception, bar etc. last apartment but one on the right, 15th at 1st floor level. Sorry I have a photo of the layout but I cant send it here for the some...
  2. Other Re: What's happened to Gran Paella in Las Americas?

    Perhaps its because they as tourists are only there a short time its "Better the devil you know" than be disapointed:devil2::flatcap:
  3. Finance Re: Exchanging cash in Tenerife help please.

    In Los Cristianos try "Admiral Travel" down from the church square towards the sea, or, if walking on the sea front turn right after "Fados restraurant" and before the kiddies swings etc. walk up...
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    Re: The Tenerife illegal lettings thread

    is that at VC 1 or 2 or both?:bowdown::bowdown::flatcap::flatcap:with the references made to Victoria Services it must be only VC1:flatcap::flatcap::jumping:
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    Re: Los Abrigos Video

    :bowdown:Very good quality:bowdown:
  6. Health Re: Can I get repeat presriptions

    :nono:I am suprised that your UK GP will only issue 28 days supply, as if requested ,my UK GP will issue a maximum of 2 x 28 days if say going away on holiday as a "one off" in line with what I...
  7. Re: Anyone else having a problem with the Forum. 12th March?

    I too am having problems logging on, it took 5 attemps to finally get up & running using Firefox. It kept freezing after input of name & password! and just showed a white empty page:(
  8. Other Re: A hello and call for advice!

    As Marbro8 mentions, I would go to Victoria Court 2 located at the bottom of the Hill known as "cardiac Arrest Hill" and 200 yds from the sea front, a well run complex with apartments being let on...
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    Other Re: How long is it before you go on your holidays?

    Now its next Friday for us, 4 weeks at Victoria Court 2:hello::spin:
  10. Other Re: Tenerife Postcards does anyone still send them.

    We stopped sending postcards about 10 years go because even with a stay of 4 weeks we would arrive home before they wre delivered.:mad:
  11. Re: What's best, Firefox or Google Chrome browser?

    Its Firefox for me:eyebrows:
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    Other Re: How long is it before you go on your holidays?

    Only 45 days : 8hrs before leaving once again for Victoria Court 2 for 28 days :flatcap::spin:
  13. Other Re: Tenerife Royal Gardens compensation

    I would think he means as it was timeshare? and it went under, the apartments were then sold off privately which would generate some revenue and there should be some monies paid out in compensation...
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    Re: Well I'm back in the UK

    Is it welcome home to Gods own county of Yorkshire Lucky ? dont forget a phone call to God here is only the cost of a local call!;):flatcap:
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    Other Re: How long is it before you go on your holidays?

    Just got back on Tues 27Nov after 21 days in the sun, but returning again in 82 days 15 hrs 22 mins:nono::D
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    Shopping Re: Dialprix is the new supermarket in El Fraile

    As a visitor & regular user of SPAR in Los Cris on our visit this time my wife was so disapointed with the merchandising layout in "Dialprix" there is no apparent logic, as a retired store manager...
  17. Re: Happy Birthday VideoMem from the Tenerife Forum

    Thanks for the good wishes on this significant birthday for me, here on this lovely island what better place to spend it along with my wife Pat (of 50 years next March) bless her she needs a medal! I...
  18. Shopping Re: electrical shops in Tenerife

    Visanta under PS3 is as honest as they come, been coming here since 1988, personally wouldnt trust any other:flatcap::)
  19. Re: Ryanair in another incident - this time ejecting a passenger

    Were you on the flight ? or do you believe Ryanair's damage limitation publicity to be the gospel truth ?:D:(
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    Health Re: Are prescription drugs free in Tenerife?

    This "clarification" has appeared on my Doctors website , Note the ruling in force for say a 6 month visit !:flatcap::jumping:

    What happens if you are going abroad?
    If you are going abroad for 3...
  21. Re: VideoMem makes a 100 posts

    Samantha, has Martin started to bake my cake yet ?:yum::yum:
  22. VideoMem makes 100 posts on the Tenerife Forum

    I will become 70 years old on the 12th of November which I will take great delight in sharing my birthday with my wife Pat whilst on holiday at Victoria Court 2 in Los Cristianos, but I have now...
  23. Other Re: Are there many mosquitos in Tenerife in October?

    I must be very lucky, unless my time of year visits (every year from 1998 -Feb/March & Oct/Nov ) co-inside with a lull in mosquito breeding as I have never been bitten by any and I was not aware that...
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    Shopping Re: Is there a Costco here

    I don't think there is, but I wish there was !:dontknow:
  25. Re: What made you choose your avatar on the Tenerife Forum?

    I'm a fan of the late Peter Sellers and of cousre the "Pink Panther":tiphat:
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