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  1. Thread: Job

    by Shyandon

    Wanted Re: Job

    Hi Niall, we are currently recruiting for telemarketers/appointment bookers to work in our modern new offices in Las Chafiras, Tenerife. The job entails calling our targeted database and setting up...
  2. Home and Garden Are there any handymen out there who know about the toilet water pump Watersan2?

    We have a water pump in our downstairs bathroom which is attached to the toilet. Unfortunately my daughter has put something down the toilet that she shouldn't have so we need to have the pump...
  3. Vacancy Re: Telemarketer Required for Call-Centre in Las Americas (Experience preferred)

    Hi there. This is a very old job posting, and unfortunately I no longer work for this company. However, I will PM the telephone number to you so that you can call them to inquire about any current...
  4. Vacancy Re: Bar staff & PR's wanted for new bar/club in Starco. Las Americas

    Well that's not a very helpful comment, is it kingbaker? Actually (if you read the thread properly) in the original post it does not specify how to apply. Hence the questions on how to apply I...
  5. Replies

    Wanted Re: Full time work & best way to go about it

    Hi there

    It is highly unlikely that any employer over here will employ you on the basis that you are on a week's holiday, you really need to be living here. The job situation is critical in...
  6. Re: Wanted: Ladybirds!

    Thank you, we'll try that! Bloody caterpillars-can never seem to catch them, we just wake up to pretty patterns on the leaves! Grrrr...:twak:
  7. Ladybirds wanted as a natural pesticide. Where can I get some in Tenerife?

    My husband is a keen gardener (no mean feat here in Tenerife!) He is having a big problem with aphids and I've heard that putting ladybirds on your plants is a good defence.
    Does anyone know if...
  8. Relocation Hi Ocean Welcome to the forum! Well, you're...

    Hi Ocean

    Welcome to the forum!
    Well, you're off to a good start being able to converse in Spanish. This will definitley open more doors for you when it comes to job hunting. It is not easy to...
  9. Vacancy Telemarketer Required for Call-Centre in Las Americas (Experience preferred)

    I am looking for a telemarketer who can work on their own initiative to work in our call-centre in Playa las Americas. Good commissions and a basic wage and contract for the right person after trial...
  10. Vacancy The position is now filled, could a kind mod...

    The position is now filled, could a kind mod please close the thread?
  11. Vacancy Experienced Telemarketer Required for Resort in Las Americas

    Due to the success of our new project, we now have a vacancy for one more telemarketer. Details as follows:

    Name of Company: Grand Holidays Club
    Name of Member to Contact: Melanie
  12. Vacancy Position is now filled. Could a kind mod please...

    Position is now filled. Could a kind mod please close the thread? :tiphat:
  13. Vacancy Hi there, PM sent

    Hi there,

    PM sent
  14. Vacancy Part-Time Telemarketer Required in Las Americas, Tenerife

    Thank you to everyone who applied. The position is now filled.
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