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  1. Re: Where can I buy a 1 - 1.2 metre satellite dishin Tenerife?

    I've got one you can have for nothing if you come and collect it. I live about a 30 min drive from Los Cris on the west side of the island. Reply to this thread if you want it and I'll send you a pm...
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    Charity Tenerife cubs/beavers

    We are in the process of setting up a troupe in Playa San Juan. We have been in contact with ASDE (Asociación de Scouts de España) and are awaiting further details to finalise the process. Anyone...
  3. Other Re: Tapeando Guía de Isora 2014 - The Guía de Isora Tapas route is now on

    It's also a great way to get around and visit some different places.
  4. Other Tapeando Guía de Isora 2014 - The Guía de Isora Tapas route is now on

    For 2.50€ you can get a beer and tapas in many bars around Guía de Isora.

    Download the leaflet here :...
  5. Education Re: Which area of Tenerife has the highest concentration of schools?

    I would say Santa Cruz and La Laguna would have a higher concentration of schools.
  6. Other Re: Where do residents of Tenerife go on holiday?

    Romania is horrible in Bucharest, but in Transylvania it's simply beautiful. Go in November and you get the autumn colours, but it's cold! Castul Bran was great and Piresti house. Brasov is a...
  7. Re: Need Spanish lessons / School. 3/4/5 days per week. In south.

    If you see the link in my signature, you can contact my business partner, Muriel, who is the Spanish teacher in our academy in Playa San Juan. It's about a 20 min bus ride from Las Americas though,...
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    Re: It's just snowed at my house in Tenerife!

    Chio. Just before the turning for teide on the west road.
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    It's just snowed at my house in Tenerife!

    In 13 years I have never seen snow this low, much less, not had to leave my house for it.

    My kids are playing in it now.
  10. Vacancy Qualified, native German teacher wanted in south west Tenerife

    We have a language academy based in the south west of Tenerife and we are looking for a qualified, native German language teacher to join us.

    If you are an honest, hardworking and reliable person...
  11. Travel Re: West coast

    My favourite restaurant is here. San Juan Creativo in the plaza in front of the church.

    My business is also here. :)
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    Re: Any members been to India/Pakistan?

    My mum's off to India in about a week for a 6 week tour. I'll let you know what she says about it.
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    Re: A great app for learning Spanish

    Glad you like it :)
  14. Happy Birthday melm from the Tenerife Forum

    Happy Birthday to 1 member on 11-01-2014:

    -melm (is is 21 again ;) years old)

    Have a great day! :) :bestwishes:
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    Re: Is another Delta on its way?

    There is an alerta on the Gobierno de Canarias website and schools may be closed on Wednesday.
  16. Health Re: Tendonitis : Can anyone recommend a physiotherapist in the south, or any treatmen

    Just an update. I've started swimming again, but just doing crawl and backstroke, rather than breatstroke, which was suggested by one of the monitors at the pool and it seems to be helping. The...
  17. Cars & Transport Re: Where do I go to change my address on my car documents?

    Yes. You need to inform Trafico in Santa Cruz.
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    Re: I need advice about moving to Tenerife

    Most speak only Spanish, when usually 2 or 3 languages are required for a lot of the jobs mentioned. English, Spanish and Russian are the most in demand these days.
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    Vacancy Re: Qualified native Russian teacher

    Position filled.
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    Relocation Re: False and untrustworthy islanders...

    Good for you. Many expats don't though. Russian isn't necessary unless you need to find a job, but if you did want to learn Russian, our academy has a very good Russian teacher now :D
  21. Re: Where can I see live music in Los Cristianos?

    The Claddagh Bar used to have live music on often in San Telmo
  22. Advice wanted Re: Information needed about the postal system for parcels in Tenerife

    What specific information do you need? There's a lot on this thread :
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    Relocation Re: False and untrustworthy islanders...

    I think the best defence against being ripped off for any ex-pat resident in Tenerife, regardless of nationality, is to learn the language so you can defend yourself and understand exactly what you...
  24. Other Re: What activities are there for teenagers in Tenerife?

    If you go to your local ayuntamiento they have a Juventud department that usually organise activities and sports for teenagers. They will be able to tell you what's available in your municipality.
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    Animal Chat Re: Can anyone recommend a cattery?

    There was one in Tamaimo. I'm not sure exactly where, but if you ask in Bar Tenerife on the main street they will know.
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