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    Other Re: Trump or Clinton

    Believers, ffs! Must be your favourite word. Now learn how its spelt.
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    Poll: Other Re: EU exit. For or against?

    Could have sworn I heard Mr Trump talking about regenerating US industry the other day. Yep, I hear you say, just talk.
  3. Re: Just A Friendly Reminder That Donald Trump Was In ‘The Little Rascals’

    Personally cant wait 'til November. Not posted on here for a while but feel you need educating, and as for some of the grammar........
  4. Re: Bacon - Where to buy?

    Due to problems with phone company the telephone number has now changed. 654 794 508 is the new number.
  5. Re: Spanish Air Traffic Control Strikes June 2015

    Thanks for the warning Candy. I shall just take the odd day then. :wink2:
  6. Re: Happy Birthday Greg from the Tenerife Forum

    Well Happy Birthday Greg. Only 24 hours late but never mind. I wonder if any other members have a birthday today? Not like I really care like........
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    Advice wanted Re: Moving a business to Tenerife

    Hope its not a scary ride, we are all over 60 here you know........
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    Re: Autopista TF-1

    The finish date has been put back to........... Manana..........
  9. Other Re: Lower GDS Golf Del Sur

    As a long time visitor/owner on GDS I would love to see some younger ferrets to graze upon, and I miss the potholes..............
  10. Other Re: How long is it before you go on your holidays?

    Jeez thats looks ok. My yacht is over-wintering at Skegness, just near the lagoon. :lol: On the plus side I have a ticket for Tenerife on Saturday. I only expect to see snow on Teide.........

    - -...
  11. Re: North of Island

    Nice one tintin. If shipping out wife head up motoway to Santa Cruz, big dockings there. If going shop turn left toward North aerodrome, big shoppings on left.
  12. Re: Happy Birthday slodgedad from the Tenerife Forum

    Happy Birthday mate if you get to read it. Go on, break the silence, most of us do care you know. :liar: :wink:

    - - - - - - - - - - merged double post - - - - - - - - - -

    Hey, I look right...
  13. Vacancy Re: Head Chef for 'A la Carte' International Kitchen

    6 Romanian jokes on the joke thread will get you to the required 10 posts my friend, be careful about the content though....... Most of us are Brits. :confused:
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    Motor Sport Re: Blundell can see green light

    I read it was 1200 metres for a lap, including many tight turns. I shall look forward to a lap or two on my sons Chinese 125cc motorbike, if I come across a scooter circumnavigating I may even manage...
  15. Other Re: What are the maintenance & breakage costs for a rental apartment in Tenerife?

    Heyup! Just been alerted! Yes I have an apartment on Green Park. Has it been a good investment? Well, 0.01% from a current account looks more attractive. If I actually lived there it would probably...
  16. Re: Chef with experience from Romania.

    Dont have a delicious Romanian cousin, but I'm sure the foods delightful.
  17. Paperwork Re: South African applying for Spanish Residency

    I will just make a note of that.... ???
  18. Property Re: Is Green Park, Golf del Sur, touristic or residential?

    El Baranco is nowt compared to the new complex between San Blas and Los Abrigos, horrible pokey windows all painted brown it really does look like a prison. The architect should be shot, and its...
  19. Property Re: Rental advice

    Bars on the windows, empty pool, empty supermarket. Looks great.
  20. Re: los cristanos market closed down..... (for now)

    I see a new thread from Henry I'm gonna read it!
  21. Home and Garden Re: Renovation license ??

    Some people just amaze me. Please Sir, can I pay some extra tax?

    - - - - - - - - - - merged double post - - - - - - - - - -

    And before you lot jump down my throat the OP didnt make it very...
  22. Property Re: Rental advice

    I dont know as I dont rent mine out but there is quite a bit of work and expense involved from their point of view. Best thing is get out there and ask the Community president, although hes Italian...
  23. Property Re: Rental advice

    I own an apartment on Green Park. About half the propertys on there are privately owned and the Hotel business has been taken over by the Community and there is a manned reception and 3 pools and...
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    Re: Where can I find webcams for Tenerife?

    Cant be bothered to look. Are the sunbeds back on Las Vistas?
  25. Re: Happy Birthday Sal, Greg from the Tenerife Forum

    Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me........ Nah, you all missed it, 3 days ago, I was 60 years young. Guess I aint one of the chosen ones then. :lol:
    Just on the second bottle of Sherry now,...
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