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  1. Re: Tenerife Prime Property? Victims, or villains?

    I rented from them a few years ago when they were based in Las Galletas and called The Trading Post. I had an email one day from my landlord asking why i hadn't paid the rent for the last few months....
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    I work for a well known English Supermarket here...

    I work for a well known English Supermarket here in Tenerife. ;)
  3. Other Re: Is there anyone who does Hog Roast Catering in Tenerife?

    Cheers for that, did look but it looked to be built it and i want it for a different venue.
  4. Other Is there anyone who does Hog Roast Catering in Tenerife?

    Is there anyone who does Hog Roast Catering in Tenerife?
  5. Re: So, should she have a state funeral?

    Good God NO!!
  6. Re: Is Anyone Else Doing the 5:2 Diet? (Other than me)

    This sounds like something i could do, i stopped smoking almost 6 months ago and the weight has crept on! Really need a kick start but I've never tried dieting before, does anyone have any tips or...
  7. Other Re: Meat wanted

    The Butcher in Iceland in Las Americas is excellent. Give him a try i'm sure you won't be dissapointed.
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    Television Re: Anyone else having problems with DT Media?

    For those who don't have Facebook, this was posted on Direct Telecom's Page 4 hours ago.

    As most of you have noticed, over the last few days there have been issues with freezing & pixelation on...
  9. Relocation Re: What are the pros and cons of living in Parque de la Reina?

    Its friendly and has a nice community,Apart from the bars/restaurants there's also a good school, cultural center, church and garden center a few minutes walk away. Its also just off the TF1 which...
  10. Poll: Re: Tenerife Forum 7th Birthday Party - 6th October 2012 at The Pub, Torviscas

    I'm not going to be able to make it. Working all weekend. Gutted! :sorry:
  11. Re: Land in Tenerife to become Yorkshire's 4th outpost

    God No! Please leave Meadowhall exactly where it is, It has to be the most depressing shopping experience ever! Wouldn't mind Waterside or Donny Market though. ;)
  12. Mobile Phones Re: Unblocking a phone

    Call Simon Marks at Tenerife Phone Services his business number is *removed* please pm mobile numbers, as per T&Cs.
  13. Animal Chat Re: Foster home needed for 3 weeks for a tiny dog

    Pets@home can usually help with boarding also, Hope you get something sorted. Well done for taking your beloved doggy back with you i know it can be quite an expense. :goodluck:
  14. Other Re: Ear Piercing

    Did a search Andy but couldn't find it but i do remember the thread, besides my daughter isn't a baby, I waited for her to make her own decision.
  15. Other Where can I get ear piercing done in south Tenerife?

    My daughter would like to get her ears pierced. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to take her please.
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    Re: Has anyone been renting from Tenerife South Rentals?

    We had a similar problem a few years ago with another company, It turned out they were not paying the apartment owner the rent, we had proof of payment. My advice to you would be to speak directly to...
  17. Re: BREAKING NEWS : Forest fires rage on in South Tenerife

    Sorry PUDCLARKE i admit to almost having the same response as Muppet without frst asking the reasons for your questions, you're right to be concerned re your mother's health and obviously need to...
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    Re: TF 1 at a standstill both directions

    Or maybe they're just exhausted and extremely emotional due the hours they have been working and the devastation this has done to our beautiful island, not to mention the fact that they and their...
  19. Re: Is it cost effective to rent a cabaña in Siam Park?

    There's at sign at the entrance for 8 people you'll be looking at spending 800 euro's. A nice luxury but realistically how much time would you spend in it.
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    Is the lost city at Siam Park still closed?

    can anyone tell Me if the kids area "The Lost City" at Siam. park is still closed for maintenance? Also will the kids be allowed to wear t shirts whilst on the rides? thanks in advance for any help...
  21. Other Looking for someone to cover a Futon in Tenerife

    Could anyone reccomend someone to cover my Futon please, I would like something that can be removed for washing and some idea of cost. Thanks in advance.
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    SOLD BBC Box and Ariel for Sale in Tenerife

    BBC Box and Ariel for sale, maintenance needs paying from January with Premier. 150 Euro's Buyer to collect from Parque de la Reina. PM for any more info.
  23. Re: Three years today since i had to leave the island

    I agree with Jackie, Can't believe its been 3 years, Still miss you like mad. xxx
  24. Animal Chat Just a quick update for forum members who find...

    Just a quick update for forum members who find themselves in a similar situation to us with their furry friends. After much discussion we decided to use forum member Pets@home and have to say how...
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    Hotels Some will some won't have air conditioning as...

    Some will some won't have air conditioning as many are privately owned. Most if not all will have safe's though. Check with the owner before you book.
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