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    Other Re: Snooker cues wanted

    Summerlands Bar and Target Bar both have a selectnion of cues for sale at very reasonable prices.
  2. Health Re: Workplace Injury; What is the procedure?

    Find out which mutua the employer is dealing with.
    Phone them with your wife's details and make an appointment.
  3. Other Re: Does anyone know a company in Tenerife that provides vending machines to business

    AMFM Vending, sorry don't have a number on me, supply this type of machine throughout Spain and have offices in Las Chafiras.
  4. Health Re: What's the difference between the Green Hospital in Las Americas and Candelaria H

    And it's absolutely NOT in Candelaria!
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    Re: Misheard lyrics

    I never understood what The Police had against Luton...
    "I Can't Stand Luton"

    Nor their infatuation with a 1980´s news reader...
    "Sue Lawley"
  6. Other Re: Help needed finding a person we sold out car to, to change the ownership

    Baja the vehicle at Trafico.
  7. Fiestas Re: Does anyone have any info on Fiesta in Los Abrigos this weekend?

    Not just the weekend, it's already started.
    The fireworks are on Saturday evening.
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    Re: Earthquake in North Tenerife?

    Just seen the AVCAN (Actualidad Volcánica de Canarias) FB page, looks like a 3.8 at 2.50 this morning.
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    Earthquake in El Sauzal, North Tenerife

    I've just had a phone call from a friend in La Matanza worried about an earthquake about 15 minutes ago. Did anyone else feel anything?

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    Charity Notice Re: Live Arico is not closed

    Just a thought.

    There is a lot of hot air going on between this thread and the other one (now closed) to the tune of over 12 000 posts.

    It seems to me that whatever side of the arguement people...
  11. Other Re: Does anyone know of a man with a van in Tenerife?

    Have to agree with ruffus.
    I can't recommend Andy Van Man enough.
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    Animal Chat Re: The Real Live Arico

    There is no excuse for abuse or for irregularities of any kind and any allegations should be strongly and robustly investigated thoroughly by the proper authorities and action taken against those who...
  13. Re: How can I get this ringtone on my mobile phone in Tenerife

    1. Download or copy the mp3 file.
    2. Use an mp3 editor to cut out and save your favourite bit (there are lots of free ones you can download).
    3. Copy the new mp3 to your phone. ¡Listo!
  14. Utilities Re: How long does it take to sort out a boletín in Tenerife?

    Obviously somewhere along the line someone hasn't done their job properly or people wouldn't be avoiding the issue. Certainly your friends are not the only people affected by the removal of the lifts...
  15. Utilities Re: How long does it take to sort out a boletín in Tenerife?

    The Boletin is only the end of a long process so it's impossible to answer your question as there are too many variables. IF all the steps leading up to the issue of the Boletin have been carried out...
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    Charity Notice Re: Live Arico is not closed

    Speaking as someone who has no connection to Live Arico whatsoever apart from dropping off the occasional bag of food I have to say that I find this anonymous campaign against certain committee...
  17. Sticky: Re: Applying for an NIE number

    The application is available online at

    The bank form unfortunately is not, and must be collected in person.
  18. Re: Is it time for a new National Anthem in Britain??

    Whilst the music of Land of Hope and Glory is uplifting, the lyrics are quite colonistic and imperialistic.

    How about Jerusalem?

    Or maybe as Billy Conoly once suggested, the themetune from The...
  19. Paperwork Re: How much should I pay for Registro Mercantil in Tenerife?

    The actual costs of presenting at the Registro Mercantil are minimal, especially this year as they can now be presented electronically.

    Whether the cost is reasonable or not will depend on your...
  20. Re: What really grinds my gears! Ranting section

    The use of the LETTER o (oh) instead of the NUMBER 0 (ZERO).

    My phone number starts with 680 six eight zero, NOT six eight oh!

    o or O (oh) is a letter 0 (zero) is a number!
  21. Paperwork Re: How much should I pay for Registro Mercantil in Tenerife?

    Your annual accounts and the minutes of your AGM (election of Administrator etc.) must be registered annually. As to the cost, I'll have a look in the morning when I arrive at the office but I don't...
  22. Re: So you think your purchase has a guarantee?

    Legally you have 15 days from purchase to demand a refund or replacement from the reatiler, after 15 days have passed the guarantee is the responsibility of the manufacturer. Some retailers offer...
  23. Other Re: Why are there no dog poo bins in Tenerife?

    Along the promenade between Caletillas and Candelaria there are a number of poop bins. We also have plastic bag dispensers and even a flushing doggie pee post. It's spotless!
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    Other Re: Duchenne Muscular Dystropy

    I've known Aaron since he was just a twinkle in Carl's eye and even though I know the family, reading his story has brought a tear to mine.

    Please everyone share this site.

  25. Other Re: Brazilian jiujitsu in Los cristianos

    About a 10 minute drive, Las Chafiras is the first motorway exit after the airport heading towards Los Cristianos. Expect to pay about 20€ in a Taxi or the 111 bus from Los Cris will drop you at the...
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