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    Re: "The Bloke" owes me 50€!

    Nope, I did mention it a few months back when I bumped into him...!
  2. Property For Sale Re: 1 bedroom penthouse apartment in Balcon del Atlantico

    If you drop the price to 120,000€, let me know. Could very likely sell it - but not for 140,000€ I´m afraid.
  3. Property For Sale Re: What are the usual agency fees for selling property in Tenerife?

    5% is standard.
    Some agencies charge 3% although he ones I have come across which do so are not selling property as their primary business - part timers / dabbling... not what you want in this...
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    Re: The Tenerife illegal lettings thread

    The sooner some clarity is established the better!
    At the moment trying to explain this utterly ridiculous mess of a system to those not familiar with it is a bloody nightmare!
    Buyers inevitably...
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    Re: The Tenerife illegal lettings thread

    Surely zoning should play a part in such decisions?
    El Mirador, Dinastia, Sur y Sol in Los Cristianos are centrally located and perfect for tourist lets. People living on these whining about...
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    Other Re: New Marina at La Caleta beach

    Construction of a new complex is set to begin on the land behind the hotel. Contracts signed and ground has been prepared. Its the developers who built Baobab domains buying the land from the owners...
  7. Thread: Texas hold em

    by CIM

    Re: Texas hold em

    What sort of buy ins Richard? And numbers of players?
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    Re: The Tenerife illegal lettings thread

    It doesnt really set out what exactly the new rules are or go into much detail but any "relaxation" of the letting laws is a positive sign.
    And I couldnt find the annexe which was referred to in the...
  9. Property Re: Information required about Chasna B apartments in Costa del Silencio

    Thanks - yes I remember it did seem very pleasant.
  10. Property Re: Information required about Chasna B apartments in Costa del Silencio

    As above - Balcon del Mar, seems nice enough although I aint been in there for years.
    There´s also one here near Westhaven Bay which I remember was nice but again, long time since I been there:...
  11. Property Re: Information required about Chasna B apartments in Costa del Silencio

    Not nice, not a good complex, not a good part of CdS.
    Very low prices - I´ve seen 1 beds go for under 20k but you get what you pay for.
  12. Property Re: I am looking for advice on buying a villa in Tenerife - The good and the bad

    One part of your criteria will make the biggest difference i terms of price and that is whether you need to be within a 5 minute walk of the beach. If that is something you could compromise then...
  13. Apartments Re: el mirador

    Not sure whats happening with that plot now, but they plan to start building on the plot a little further up very soon, for completion in early 2016.
    There are 30 x 3 bed, 2 bath townhouses. Similar...
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    Re: Some bad news to bring.

    Very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family at such a sad time.
    You´ll always have great memories of your great dad.
  15. Paperwork Re: Help (again) please! 'escritura de aceptacion y adjudicacion de herencia'

    If you haven't signed the contract then there is no chance of them being able to claim compensation from you if you don't / can´t complete.
    So take your time and simply explain that you do not wish...
  16. Re: Monarch non reclining seats. What do you think

    Flew with them earlier this week, reclining seats and booked the ones at the front with extra legroom. You get a lot more space for the money / well worth it if travelling with kids or if you just...
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    Other Re: Has anyone had dealings with

    I have worked with lots of "international agents" and I really do find that they are doing nothing more than trying to generate as many leads as possible. But, they just arent good leads so I am now...
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    Other Re: Has anyone had dealings with

    Where were you trying to sell Maria?
    There seem to be a lot of these types of companies around now. I think they take agents listings to populate their websites and send agents inquiries when they...
  19. Property Re: What happens at your AGM/EGM and the minutes?

    Can anyone clarify the following for me:

    1. A community meeting by law, is an open meeting which anyone can attend although only owners are allowed to speak.

    2. Community debtors by law are...
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    Property Re: Albatros Los Cristianos

    Theres one for sale at 49k at the moment. OK if you only want to spend a small amount but nothing like Dinastia, El Mirador etc!
    Old complex, Spanish. 30 to 40 steps to get to the door, had some...
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    Re: New Mobile - but which one ?

    I just upgraded from a Samsung S4 to a Sony Z2. Brilliant camera, huge screen, dust proof, water proof and very fast (high end processor, lots of memory)
    If you can get a Sony Z2, Samsung S5 or an...
  22. Property Re: Rental advice

    There are a few complexes you might find a studio on at that price level but not a touristic one bed (very doubtful anyways.)
    Also, with a studio on a tourist complex you need to find out what they...
  23. Property Re: Rental advice

    Hi Dan,
    If you wish to operate your rental property fully legally, then you need to ensure you purchase on a complex that has a tourist license and a reception in operation. They need to manage...
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    Shopping Re: Los Cristianos Sunday Market “temporarily” closed.

    Same opinion as bulldog, having visited the one in Guaza and the on in Los Cris, I found no reason to ever return. Full of fake crap, nicked gear and undesirables roaming around looking for targets. ...
  25. Re: Gordon Ramsay's Cocktail Lounge Bar and Restaurant, Torviscas, Tenerife

    I´ve eaten there loads of times - usually lunch. But cant believe nothing has happened about the name!
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