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  1. Long Term Rental Re: Apartment/House/Share wanted by Dane, max. 450 euro, in Santa Cruz

    This one seems reasonable............

    Alquiler piso sin amueblar El mayorazgo
    Ref: O-4227...
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    Other Re: Reliable Trust Worthy Cleaner

    P.M. sent...........
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    Cars & Transport Re: A car with a new engine

    ITV are normally only interested in chassis numbers tallying.
    I know of plenty on engine changes where no amendment has been made to the paperwork.
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    Re: Pandas in Scotland.

    e this link for the Huffington Post...............

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  5. Advice wanted Re: Gourmet mushroom farming

    They are grown in caves in Arico, among other places, you may like to try this link.
  6. Re: ferry from Huelva to Tenerife

    On line bookings are accepting up to 12 months in advance - try their own site......
  7. Health Re: A Spanish v British health service comparison story.

    Why not indeed.
    You may like to try this one..................generally considered to be the best

    ICOT Hospital Parque Tenerife
    C/ Méndez Núñez, 40
    Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    38002 - Santa Cruz...
  8. Re: Vegetarian restaurants

    Try El Vego, Avda. Chasna, in El Medano 922177988
  9. Other Re: Anyone recommend a car painter in south Tenerife?

    Chano by Cruz del Guanche in Valle San Lorenzo provides a professional service and comes well recommended.
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    I'm a Super Tenerifian

    Hi All
    I am a Super Tenerifian so I might just open that tin of Spam I've been saving for just such an occasion!``
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    Wanted Re: Long term rental

    Try Sonya at Tenerife Island Rentals.
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    Shopping Re: Penneys in Santa Cruz.

    JC Penneys in Santa Cruz.............................California......

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    Try out the video on this link:...
  13. Re: New motoring laws come in to force in May 2014 in Tenerife

    Only mobile radar detectors are banned.
    Sat navs with static radar alerts are ok.
  14. Other Re: pest control

    Seranca, Servicio antiplagas de Canarias
    Puedes ponerte en contacto con nosotros a través de los siguientes medios:
    móvil 699 445 445
    Provincia Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  15. Wanted Re: long term rental

    Try Sonia at Tenerife Island Rentals. Good Luck.
  16. Re: New motoring laws in May 2014

    One of the new laws is the outlawing of radar detectors, this may have been what you saw stuck on the windscreens.
  17. Relocation Re: 1 in 4 British ex-pats quit Spain in a year!

    According to yesterdays Canarian t.v. news all nationalities are leaving, across Spain, in significant numbers with the only exeption being the Chinese, who are still increasing in number.
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    Other Re: Abandoned Leper Colony

    It was never used for its intended purpose..........

    The leprosy station[edit]

    Church of the leprosy station Sanatorio de Abona
    Leprosy once was considered a major disease on the island. A...
  19. Home and Garden Re: Did we have a bad fridge repair man in Tenerife?

    It could be that the fan motor has burnt out, if it has one.
  20. Long Term Rental Re: 3 bed, 2 bath front line to sea, house in El Medano

    Approximate distance in miles from Playa De Las Americas Spain to El Medano in a straight line is 12 miles or 19.31 Kilometers
  21. Re: Can anyone recommend a hotel close to Tenerife north airport?

    In response to the op actual question:............
  22. Re: Flights to Morocco or Africa?

    Tenerife - Casablanca
    febrero 2014
    Domingo lunes martes miércoles jueves viernes sábado
    03 de febrero
    04 de febrero
    05 de febrero
    06 de febrero
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    Re: Which are your favourite adverts?

    Virgin Atlantic`s new ad takes some beating.............
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    Wanted Re: Apartment in Los Cristianos

    Hi Klara
    I have a ground floor, two bed-roomed apt in Parque Tropical with a large private garden.
    The existing tenant if returning to Germany in mid March.
    Please PM me if interested.
  25. Finance Re: Can anyone recommend Smart Currency Exchange?

    I always have the money in the account within the hour with Currencies Direct as they use their own existing funds in the receiving country.
    Good rates and excellent & friendly service.
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