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    Employment Employment Agencies


    Would anyone know if there are any employment agencies that specialise in jobs for English professionals in an Accounts/Office type role.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Other Re: Trump or Clinton

    Clinton just the thought of Trump as a super power scares me.
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    Other Re: How long is it before you go on your holidays?

    25 days and counting YIPPEE!!
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    Other Re: Good tapas?

    Has anyone been to the Embryo one that is opposite the Mare Nostrum and can give a recommendation or not?
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    Other Re: How long is it before you go on your holidays?

    10 weeks for me.But I need to come out there NOW!!!!
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    Re: Some help needed.

    Hi Lesbroz,

    I am so sorry that you did not have an enjoyable stay, I have stayed there every year for the last 15 years and can honestly say that I have never experienced any of what you did,...
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    Some help needed.

    I am after some help?

    It`s a bit of a strange one.

    Has anyone stayed at Vistasur in the 2 bed non seaview apartments. I always stay in these but the seaview ones, but this year were not able to...
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    Other Re: Breaking News from Canarian Weekly

    Condolences to the guys family.
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    Rugby Rugby World Cup

    Can anyone help?

    Does anyone know if there are any bars in the Las Vistas Beach area that will be showing the Rugby World Cup?

  10. Other Re: Recommend a somewhere, self catering for a holiday


    I have been going to Tenerife for 14 years, 15 years this year and I always stay at Vistasur Apartments.I usually book through either Travel Republic, Flightline or If you...
  11. Other Re: Silverpoint timeshare reps are canvassing at the airport

    Me and my friend were caught out by this lot at the airport last year and we both received calls from them once back home but thank goodness we had already booked for this year so told them that and...
  12. Other Re: Looky looky man?

    My fave has to be Belfast Bobby he works up the strip of bars with Coconut Joes,The Bulls Head,The Highlander etc.If I was to buy I only ever buy from him.
  13. Re: Taxi`s from Tenerife South

    Just wanted to say a big THANKS to everyone for the Info. XX
  14. How much is a taxi from Tenerife South airport to Las Americas?

    Hello Guys,

    I used to have a friend that came to pick me up from Tenerife South Airport but he has now returned to the UK and it has been a few years since I got a taxi from the airport to my...
  15. Sticky: Re: Tenerife Forum 'Is the bar still open, or not?' Thread

    Would anyone know if The Rovers Return has re-opened yet,when we were over in October there were people that looked like estate agents?? measuring up inside.

  16. Re: Where can I see live rock music in south Tenerife?

    Someone might have already posted this so apologies if anyone has,for great live rock music I always head to the Bulls Head in Playa it`s on the strip by the Safari Shopping Center.The resident band...
  17. Travel Re: Alpharooms

    Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post with your positive comments,I have now booked through Alpha Rooms for next year.
    Thanks Again.
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    Restaurants The New Yorker - Los Cristianos

    I came across this restaurant by accident but I am so glad that I did.
    The restaurant itself reminds me of a top London boutique and the décor is very very chic.
    The food is superb and presented...
  19. Travel Can anyone recommend Alpharooms for booking accommodation in Tenerife?

    Can anyone help,I am thinking of booking to come out to Tenerife next year via Alpharooms but have never used them before.I usually book through either Travel Republic or Flightline. But Alpharooms...
  20. Finance Re: Exchanging cash in Tenerife help please.

    Not sure where you are staying but I always use the one which is between Vistasur apartments and where buzz bar,surfers is etc,it is run by a very nice English couple and always get a good exchange...
  21. Other Re: BEWARE! Another scam

    Thanks for the heads up Marbo.

    I know the exact ones that you have said about,they are always there.I have learnt now to not make eye contact with them and if they shout after you just keep...
  22. Bars Re: The Rovers Return - Compostella Beach

    Thanks Marbro8 I have also heard that Martin is working at Surfers. I`m not out there until Oct so maybe it will have new owners by then.
    It has always been my last port of call for the 12 years...
  23. Other Re: What's the first thing you look forward to doing when you get to Tenerife?

    I`m the same as you and then of course my first beer of the hols.
  24. Other Re: 1st Holiday to Tenerife

    I have been going to Tenerife for 12 years now and I love it.

    I can assure you that there are no sharks and no snakes or reptiles.You could always call the timeshare people sharks,snakes are...
  25. Are there any nail bars that do gel coating in Los Cristianos?

    Does anyone know if there are any nail bars that do Gel coatings in Los Cristianos.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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