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    Other Re: The bike on the Los Cristianos WebCam

    Purely from a security point of view, I think you can't beat a palm tree that's being watched by an entire forum.
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    Other Re: The bike on the Los Cristianos WebCam

    Naah, Lancaster is alright, and the Lancaster water and beer tastes good too. If it were that boring, I'd have been the one watching lamp-posts on the Los Cristianos webcam.
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    Other Re: The bike on the Los Cristianos WebCam

    This has to be the most compelling thread on the forum.
  4. Other Re: New Year

    Just dance in the street with the locals.
  5. Re: moving to tenerife

    If you have the skills to live cheaply, and the right personality to get to know people quickly and win their confidence, 2k might be enough. Just put aside some money for a flight back home in case...
  6. Re: moving to tenerife

    Just save up enough that you can live for 6 months, then come out and see what work you can find. Some young people manage to come to Tenerife without any money and it turns out well, but you can't...
  7. Re: moving to tenerife

    Tenerife is a wonderful island. Just watch out for the tax on uppercase letters.

    The city of Santa Cruz is primarily Spanish-speaking, and you would really need fluent Spanish if you plan on...
  8. Other Re: Couple of questions from a tourist new to Tenerife

    Masca Gorge is absolutely spectacular, although it's not for everyone. About 70% of the walk is straightforward; about 15% is along high paths with a drop off to one side (but no problem if you're...
  9. Other Re: Couple of questions from a tourist new to Tenerife

    Hi Joey,

    Playa San Juan is a pleasant place, and it's certainly quiet. It has good bus connections to the main bus station as well as to Los Gigantes, Adeje, etc. For Loro Parque you will need to...
  10. Re: Bringing up kids in Tenerife. Opportunity/Sheltered or a Good start in life?

    How sad! The homeschooled children that I know in England are all well-adjusted, happy, capable kids.
  11. Re: Bringing up kids in Tenerife. Opportunity/Sheltered or a Good start in life?

    Home schooling is great because the children get so much more social interaction. Being sat in rows in a classroom is not social interaction.

    There are great opportunities for those who grow up in...
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    Photography Re: Tenerife Bygone Days ( Photos)

    Those are absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for posting.
  13. Other Re: Is it difficult to get a taxi back to Palm Mar at night?

    Just get into the taxi and close the door before you tell the driver where you are going.
  14. Thread: Are you a geek?

    by ribuck

    Re: Are you a geek

    I got all eight of those questions right! I'm assuming that you're looking for "1.0" as the answer to question 3, although in some countries I think it was not released until 1.02.

    I'm not living...
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    Re: Attack on my computer

    Ideally you don't even use Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox have fewer security vulnerabilities.
  16. Other Re: I want to get into self-sufficient farming in Tenerife

    To address the original question, Tenerife must be one of the hardest countries to be a self-sufficient farmer. The soil is fertile but it's hard as hell to work it, and (depending where you are)...
  17. Re: Anyone recommend a weekend break in north Tenerife?

    As a hotel, La Quinta Park suites is great, and there is a wide range of accommodation to choose from ranging from rooms to 2-bed apartments to "bungalows".

    But it's a long way from anywhere else....
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    Long Term Rental Re: Los Abrigos

    Beautiful plaza at the far end of town too, with the rotating sculptures. And the beautiful natural rock pools a mile east of town. I haven't ever been there at night though.
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    Re: The meridian isle of El Hierro.

    When the volcano was steaming away last year, it's a pity the government said "stay away". Instead, they should have said "why not come here to see all the funny vulcanologists".
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    Re: The Meridian Isle of El Hierro.

    Nice photos, but do the island's inhabitants really want more tourists? I thought they might quite appreciate living on the island least spoiled by mass tourism.
  21. Re: Locals please help...I need somewhere to stay

    This is probably not the solution you are seeking, but possibly your original hotel has a wheelchair-friendly toilet elsewhere on the complex (e.g. in the lobby) which you could use. Not ideal, I...
  22. Cycling Re: Any good OFF road cycling with kids?

    In the pine forests there are LOTS of dirt roads that run mostly horizontally rather than up/down the slope. The best of these are in the north, in the area roughly from Santiago del Teide to Icod el...
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    Other Re: Our unmentionable lady

    Slodgedad, I suppose one can abbreviate "a set of rules is a set of rules" to "rules is rules" and it works gramatically.

    Anyway, what difference does it make if a government "recognizes"...
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    Cars & Transport Re: Titsa Bus Route Map

    Volunteers have added most of the Titsa bus routes to the transport layer of Open Street Map.

    Go to and zoom in. The location of each bus stop is indicated by a blue square...
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    Re: Oh my God pea soup

    Yes, I have one. Please wait a moment while I finish my sopa de los niños...

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