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  1. Relocation Re: How are newly moved out people finding it in Tenerife then?

    I have to work as I have 3 kids to support 17,8 and 6 I moved here in April this year, I rent a space in a salon to do nails from and although it's slow it's picking up a little, quality of life here...
  2. Wanted 3/4 bed property for family living in Las Chafiras that accepts pets

    Hi there our tenancy comes to an end in oct we are looking for a long term home to put down
    some roots. We have a shih Tzu and a maltesse very well behaved and 3 small children and a teenage...
  3. Vacancy Re: Pedicure, manicure, nail technician good all rounder

    can I have his number please !

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    can I have his number please !

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  4. Vacancy Re: Pedicure, Manicure, nail technician good all rounder

    Hi is it still available ? i am qualified in all nail and beauty treatments inc aroma therapy , Swedish massage and lashes !
    i have lots of experience nails been my speciality.
  5. Re: Club Atlantis Hair Salon Puerto Colon

    don't know about this salon but I know of a great nail tech in los cris ;) lol
  6. Other Re: Can anyone recommend an English speaking hairdresser in Los Cristianos?

    your welcome ! :)
  7. Other Re: Can anyone recommend an English speaking hairdresser in Los Cristianos?

    hello yes it is just behind the fish spa , the lady is lovely and very good !
  8. Other Re: english speaking hairdresser

    hello there I work at salon 5 English hair & beauty salon
    here is the number and address !!

    922 79 43 04 Work

  9. RENTED Re: Business premises for sale or rent in Las Americas

    hi you need to clear you inbox I can't send a msg !!
  10. Wanted House in Jardin San Miguel complex, Las Chafiras

    hello there we are looking for a property in jardin san Miguel las chafiras for oct when our lease is up on our flat ! we have 3 children and 2 small dogs any prospective landlord is welcome to view...
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    Sticky: Re: Is there a meetup, 29th April onwards?

    wow you lot really know how to make someone feel welcome !! as a new comer myself i know just how hard it is to make mates you lot should be ashamed ! grow up and do one if you have nothing nice to...
  12. Other Re: What's the first thing you look forward to doing when you get to Tenerife?

    :) i just arrived back a few days ago it's lovely and hot ! if you want your nails sparkley im your girl !!
  13. Other Re: Ladies that have their nails done. Where would you prefer to go?

    Thnaks pp ;) im on the look out !
  14. Other Re: Ladies that have their nails done. Where would you prefer to go?

    :) thank you ladies for taking the time to answer, :)
  15. Other Ladies that have their nails done. Where would you prefer to go?

    Hello ladies, those of you that have your nails and lashes done, do you prefer to go to a salon, have a home visit or would you go to someones house ?

    I'm coming to Tenerife tomorrow and not sure...
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    Wanted 3 bed property in south Tenerife

    hello we are looking ofr a dog friendly 3/4 bed property on a complex with a pool, we like biltmore looking up to 550 inc bills please contact me if you kow of anything. we are coming in April.
  17. SOLD Re: 3 Bed apartment in Los Abrigos, south Tenerife

    hello are they on a complex with a pool ??
  18. Health Re: Anyone recommend an English beauty salon in south Tenerife?

    hi i 'll be working from home as from April i have 12 years experience :) join me on face book lisasnails tenerife !!
  19. Relocation Re: Hola. We are relocating and need some tips. Gracias.

    Hi were are moving to tenerife on 22nd April so keep in touch im a beautician/nail/tech/tutor so be nice to have friends in the same field as myself ! good luck with it all hope to meet you soon :)
  20. Long Term Rental Re: 3 Bed, ground floor, apartment in Residential Biltmore, Las Chafiras, Tenerife

    Hello there, my family and i are moving to Tenerife on Apri 22, we are looking for a 3 bed in this area we lived in La concepcion last year so know the area well, please contact me if it is still to...
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    Wanted Nail tech/beautician/tutor

    Hello Tenerife folks,
    i am moving to Tenerife in April i would like a job or work space with contract in the nails/beauty sector. I am qualified in all aspects of nails and level 2 beauty inc all...
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