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  1. Relocation Re: 1 in 4 British ex-pats quit Spain in a year!

    According to yesterdays Canarian t.v. news all nationalities are leaving, across Spain, in significant numbers with the only exeption being the Chinese, who are still increasing in number.
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    Other Re: Abandoned Leper Colony

    It was never used for its intended purpose..........

    The leprosy station[edit]

    Church of the leprosy station Sanatorio de Abona
    Leprosy once was considered a major disease on the island. A...
  3. Home and Garden Re: Did we have a bad fridge repair man in Tenerife?

    It could be that the fan motor has burnt out, if it has one.
  4. Long Term Rental Re: 3 bed, 2 bath front line to sea, house in El Medano

    Approximate distance in miles from Playa De Las Americas Spain to El Medano in a straight line is 12 miles or 19.31 Kilometers
  5. Re: Can anyone recommend a hotel close to Tenerife north airport?

    In response to the op actual question:............
  6. Re: Flights to Morocco or Africa?

    Tenerife - Casablanca
    febrero 2014
    Domingo lunes martes miércoles jueves viernes sábado
    03 de febrero
    04 de febrero
    05 de febrero
    06 de febrero
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    Re: Which are your favourite adverts?

    Virgin Atlantic`s new ad takes some beating.............
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    Wanted Re: Apartment in Los Cristianos

    Hi Klara
    I have a ground floor, two bed-roomed apt in Parque Tropical with a large private garden.
    The existing tenant if returning to Germany in mid March.
    Please PM me if interested.
  9. Finance Re: Can anyone recommend Smart Currency Exchange?

    I always have the money in the account within the hour with Currencies Direct as they use their own existing funds in the receiving country.
    Good rates and excellent & friendly service.
  10. Wanted Re: Permanent very long term rental for people with disabilities...

    P.M. sent.
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    Other Re: Loud humming noise in Golf del Sur

    Wind in the rigging?
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    Re: Is another Delta on its way?

    More pics here :
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    Re: Is another Delta on its way?

    Taken from Island Connections, can not copy photo but worth a look.

    South Tenerife under water as rain strikes with a vengeance

    Arona - 12.12.2013 - While some parts of Tenerife escaped...
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    Sticky: Finance Re: What's the current exchange rate in Tenerife?

    Currencies Direct were quoting 1.207 yesterday and 1,209 today that may not be what you actually get but it is a good indication of the way it's going.
  15. Re: The euro and exchange rates in the UK or Tenerife

    This was the response last Thursday to the Euribor rate being dropped to 0.25%:
    "The ECB caught currency market participants on the back foot earlier today by cutting its key lending rate. Many...
  16. Re: Single parent

    Hi Lollipop and welcome.
    I'm sure you'll get some positive response.
    Good luck.
  17. Property Re: Hidden Defect and spanish Law

    I would n't have thought so.
  18. Other Re: any recommendations for a hotel - up in the hills - something special ?

    Try this:
  19. Other Re: any recommendations for a hotel - up in the hills - something special ?

    This one's not too shabby..............

    Hotel San Roque, a hotel with character in northwest Tenerife. The Hotel San Roque is located in the heart of Isla Baja in northwest Tenerife between the...
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    Re: All is quiet on the news front

    Local girl (from Charco del Pino, Granadilla) makes good:

    Miss Spain, 1st runner up of Miss Universe 2013. By | 10 November 2013 2 Comments 3
    Congratulations to my favorite...
  21. Other Re: Information wanted about Tenerife Cave Dwellers

    The following is an extract taken from:
    Popular Science Monthly Volume 41 May 1892
    Cave Dwellings of Men
    By William Henry Larrabee:
    "Many accounts of travelers go to show that residence in...
  22. Other Re: Information wanted about Tenerife Cave Dwellers

    I thought the following extract from "Hub Pages" may be of interest:


    From descriptions on the Internet and elsewhere Chinamada may sound like a remote and quite primitive place where...
  23. Wanted Re: COSTA ADEJE: 3 bedroom townhouse/apartment

    Hi DigitalA
    PM sent
  24. Thread: Websites.

    by universal

    Long Term Rental Re: Websites.

    Available from this weekend for long term rental: very well appointed 4 bedroom duplex in Llanos del Camello

    Please P.M. me for details
  25. Wanted Re: Long let, minimum 3 bedroom in south Tenerife

    Hi Jessberg
    PM sent
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