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  1. Where can I buy genuine football shirts in South Tenerife?

    Anyone know where i can buy football shirts in Tenerife South? Need to be real ones though, no fakes.
  2. Employment Are there any Market Stalls available at Fañabe or Torviscas?

    Anyone know if there are any market stalls available in Fanabe & Torviscas & any info would be appreciated, thank you.
  3. Re: Has anyone worked on the markets in the south of Tenerife?

    What's the current situation like on the market stalls in 2014, (as this thread is quite old now)?
    Is it hard to get a stall, is there a waiting list?
    Do you still have to be registered as self...
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    Wanted Studio or 1 bed wanted for a week

    Guess this is a long shot & given the time of year, nigh on impossible, BUT..... i'm looking for a studio/1bed to rent for a week from next tuesday 28th january.
    2 well behaved & house trained...
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    Other Re: uk customs

    We got stopped at Birmingham airport a few years back. I had 1000 ciggies (5 sleeves) spread out between suitcase & hand luggage.
    The customs officer told me that i was over my allowance, but then...
  6. Tax Re: Winter fuel payments...

    you're missing the point.....
    They dont NEED IT
  7. Tax Re: Winter fuel payments...

    Didn't realise it came automatically.
    Even so, they don't need it, so their concience should make them repay it & it should go to the real needy who are scared to turn the heating on.
  8. Tax Re: Winter fuel payments...

    fair dues, but on the other side of the coin, i recall a certain few people with property in tenerife & uk, plenty of dosh in bank, rental income from property they owned, rental income from a bar...
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    Re: Break open the champagne..... She's dead.

    No one's going to shed any tears over her death, but love her or loathe her, no one should speak ill of the dead. Remember, she has a family.
    There are far worse politicians around right now intent...
  10. Relocation Re: I'm thinking of relocating to Tenerife and starting a business.

    And bear in mind that a lot of winter residents don't like spending money.
    Iv'e worked in a bar where some (not all), like to make half a pint of beer last all night rolleyes2:
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    Relocation Re: Will I survive in Tenerife

    You've got everything going for you.
    A very decent income & property & assets in uk.
    Go for it, i say & good luck :wink:
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    Re: What's happening to Monarch airlines?

    Reading through the monarch forums on money supermarket it seems that monarch either ignore people, or they refuse the claims.
    They seem to be using the excuse of 'extraordinary circumstances' as...
  13. Re: Anyone got Monarch schedule flights contact details?

    I sent my complaint by email 3 weeks ago & still waiting.................
  14. Re: Monarch schedule flights contact details

    Their email address is

    Good luck with it, from what i'm reading online, there's lots of people claiming for delayed flights, but not much coming forth from Monarch.
  15. Relocation Re: Moving out later this year... Any help advice with jobs, accomadation etc?

    Just don't close all your ties with the uk.
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    Other Re: Goodbye Tenerife. Till 2014 anyway

    And just to add, as a afterthought, for all us smokers.
    Hotels, Bars, even shops, allow us to light up still :raspberry2:
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    Other Re: Goodbye Tenerife. Till 2014 anyway

    We wanted to come to Tenerife for a month in january, but were put off by the increase in crime, even a friend of ours was robbed while out there recently.

    Also, the cost of flights & finding a...
  18. Relocation Re: Habitual residency test for people moving back to the UK

    And don't forget the poor old pensioners living in Tenerife who still get the winter fuel allowance, living in the sun, while there's pensioners in the uk, struggling to make ends meet & scared to...
  19. Other Re: Mugged on the Geranium Walk in Las Am.

    Geranium Walk is the beachfront walk from the Bouganville Hotel in Pueblo Canario, through to Puerto Colon.
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    Re: Song Titles That Are Questions ??

    What now my love? ............ Sandie Shaw
  21. Other Re: Mugged on the Geranium Walk in Las Am.

    I used to walk home along geranium walk at 3am in the morning & not give it a second thought, always felt safe there, albeit several years ago.
    Unbelievable that the scum bags are targeting this...
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    Relocation Re: How much could a couple live on per month?

    How long is a piece of string???
    Just depends on individual circumstances.

    We lived on less than 200 euros a week on the rock & still ate out twice a week.
    Having said that, didnt have any...
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    Re: Song Titles That Are Questions ??

    Ooops!! :rain::hide:
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    Re: Song Titles That Are Questions ??

    Have you ever seen the rain? ................ Creedence Clearwater Revival :wave:
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    Employment Re: Tenerife -work situation

    Just a idea maybe for admin.
    All new posters who are asking for work, to guide them to posts relevant to the dire work situation in tenerife today.
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