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  1. Other Re: What is happening with the fibre optic installation?

    What about fiberoptics connected to a G4 netwerk , now that would be interesting here in Tenerife .
  2. Wanted Long term house rent, 3 bed minimum, in the Adeje area

    I am posting this for friends of us who live here long time and have steady work , please PM me if you have anything available and I will pas it on .
    Thank you . :tiphat:

    A couple, with an 11...
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    Re: What are your 3 favourite smells?

    Orangetrees in bloom in Valencia ( or other place in Spain ) . You yust can not beat the best smell in the world .
  4. Other Re: Are there any walking tours in South Tenerife from February 23rd to 27th, 2014?

    Have a look at the Tenerife Rambler here
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    Re: The Meridian Isle of El Hierro New Member

    Welcome , do you grow any pineapples youreself ?
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    Re: Where can I buy a popcorn maker in Tenerife?

    Seen popcornmakers in some of the chineese shops also for sale .
  7. Home and Garden Re: Anyone recommend a picture framing shop near Adeje?

    Afortunadas in chafiras frames picture , paintings . We let them frame a painting and are happy of the result.

    But its not really close to you .
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    Vacancy Re: Great opportunity!!!

    Its not allowed and not sensable leaving telefone numbers or emails on a forum for anyone to see .
    And no I am not interested .
  9. Wanted Re: Gourmet Mushroom farmer looking for consulting or farm manager position.

    They are growing them here and selling comercially to supermarkets and also small farmers are growing them . There is a farmer on the chafiras local farm market selling them also on saterday .
  10. Thread: New on the forum

    by poker

    Re: new on the forum

    House prices go up 10% . . . Lol

    Who has the money ( or wil lend you more) in future to pay more for houses ?
  11. Other Re: Wool

    There is a knitting shop in Elfraille , same road of the centro salud but more to the biginning ( over the school)
  12. Re: Happy Birthday to our glorious leader Kirsty...She's 40 years old!

    :-):-):-) Happy B-day Kirsty :-):-):-) .
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    Sticky: Re: Latest cheapest petrol prices in south Tenerife

    Timmylish , No its not wurth driving if you do not live in the neighberhood , with us in Silencio its only 4 cents more a liter . To drive to there you will burn more fuell than you save .
    If you...
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    Re: My Cat keeps crying at night....

    Worms . . . . ?
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    Re: The Tenerife illegal lettings thread

    Maybe 2000 new peaple moved to here 1000 went back to their countries/peninsular so in total its 480 peaple who have more work not -520 .
    Who really knows? Its more complicated than that . . . . ....
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    Re: The Tenerife illegal lettings thread

    Nobody has time to write now 9+ they are to bussy letting ;) .
  17. Sticky: Re: Participate on the Tenerife Forum from within Facebook!

    A bit more explanation please how it exactly works ?

    How does this interact with youre name on here and youre name on facebook ?
    As I have obviusly an alias name here and so have lots of us on...
  18. Cycling Re: Are there any on road cycling groups in south Tenerife?

    Mostly Belgians and some other nationalitys . They meet up in the Belgium bar in the pit at the tenbell tower .
    Not sure of the time , probably depends on what they agree on , drunk the eavening...
  19. Cycling Re: Are there any on road cycling groups in south Tenerife?

    A lot of cyclists here in Galettas / Costa del Silencio even more in (winter) .
    A lot meet up sunday morning in the pit at the Tenbel tower and leave from there in groups .
    I would suggest go and...
  20. Advice wanted Re: advice re what we pay each month social security

    You will need to inscribe as autonomo .
    This costs about 300 euro a month .
    Youre healthinsurance is included in this .
    Use the seartch on the forum for autonomo and you will find all...
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    Re: Word association... continued!


    Zipper. . . . . .
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    Re: New chicken shack at Adeje

    You can't becouse you need an pressure fryer (not pressure cooker) to make the chicken .
    The chicken is fryd under pressure in oil.
  23. Other Re: Selling old mobiles

    Rastro Guaza ?
  24. Should I use a Humidifier in the baby's room ?

    We are reading a lot about how a humidifyer is good for a baby .

    Do any of you use it to make the humidety gigher in the house ( for baby or youreself) .
    An sertainly now with a calima next...
  25. Mobile Phones Re: New Smart phone Emergency Services app. in Tenerife

    Help im dead , my device is not compatible with this version . :eek::confused:
    Thats why it did not show up on the Google store with me .

    See what I mean , ill just will have to use the phone ....
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