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  1. Vacancy Re: Gardening and window cleaning person needed on the Golf del Sur

    Hi Len, if it doesn't work out with the person you've taken on, please let me know. My partner was a window cleaner in the UK for over 20 years & he can also do gardening jobs too. We live just up...
  2. Other Christmas carol concert Friday 19th December 2014 at 20.30h in Los Cristianos church

    Our choir which belongs to the Arona School of Music and Dance will be holding its Christmas concert this Friday 19th December at 8.30pm in the Nuestra Señora del Carmen church in the main square,...
  3. Internet Re: Disgusting 0.4 mb download speeds in 2014 from Movistar. Do something about it!

    I guess we should do that, Slodgedad, thanks for the suggestion. Must get round to it!! :)
  4. Cars & Transport Re: Renewing Spanish driving licence

    Ah ... for some reason, God knows why, we are classed as professional drivers!! That's why our licences are only valid for 5 years then. When I asked in the San Isidro office why we're down as...
  5. Cars & Transport Renewing Spanish driving licence in Tenerife

    We have just had to renew our Spanish driving licences which we did quite easily at the Centro de Conductores next to the medical centre in the main street of San Isidro. It cost us 70 euros each...
  6. Re: Are there any Santander ATMs in or near the Golf del Sur?

    Santander used to have an office in Golf del Sur but it closed a couple of years ago. Las Chafiras is the nearest branch, & does have an ATM. Located opposite the rear entrance to Mercadona. As Lucky...
  7. Internet Re: Disgusting 0.4 mb download speeds in 2014 from Movistar. Do something about it!

    We're up in San Miguel, close to El Roque, & I just did an internet speed test. We pay for 6MB & the test shows we are getting 5.28MB which is not bad! We get our internet through Direct Telecom who...
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    WANTED in Tenerife 2nd hand gas built in oven

    2nd hand built in oven wanted - must be gas not electric. Please contact me asap if you have one for sale
  9. Other Wanted! Ladies to help us sing a medley from Sister Act in June

    Wanted! Ladies to help us sing a medley from Sister Act - mostly in English except for a few words - for our end of term concert on the 19th June in the Cultural Centre, Los Cristianos. You would...
  10. Entertainment Free concert. Saturday, 1st March 2014 at 7pm in Los Cristianos.

    Free Concert. If you're looking for something a bit different in the way of entertainment, why not pop along to a choir concert on Saturday 1st March at 7pm in the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos....
  11. Employment Re: Where can I find work playing traditional Spanish guitar in Tenerife?

    Jon, how about approaching El Molino Blanco which is an upmarket restaurant in San Eugenio (just by the side of the motorway, has a windmill next to it, everyone knows it). They often have different...
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    Other Re: Why Do You Choose to Holiday in Tenerife

    True Toto99, we're all different but I do agree with Primrose that it's a shame more people don't appear to come here for the beautiful scenery, extremely good Canarian food & to sample the Canarian...
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    Other Re: Beware of Romanians selling perfume...

    Well, that's a relief to know anyway. Thanks everyone
  14. Charity Re: Walk For Life

    I'll be there along with 3 or 4 friends! 2 of us did it last year & really enjoyed it. There was a really good atmosphere & drummer bands at the front & back & it was a lovely day which helped. Foz -...
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    Other Beware of Romanians selling perfume...

    A Spanish neighbour of ours came round today to warn us about a group of Rumanians going round ostensibly selling perfume & on no account to sniff it as it puts you to sleep then these people rob...
  16. Shopping Re: Where is the best fruteria in Los Cristianos?

    If I'm in Los Cristianos I usually go to the fruteria anti-crisis which is the one mentioned by delderek just down from Lewinsky's restaurant walking in the direction of the Princesa Dacil hotel....
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    Animal Chat Re: Good vet in south Tenerife?

    I can highly recommend Adriana, the vet in San Miguel. She's not expensive & you don't always have to pay until the end of the treatment. On the main road near the Cooperativa going out of San Miguel...
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    Vacancy Re: Translation work: English to German

    No problem Irina :)
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    Re: Lebanese food in Gran Sur

    not been to Habibi, but I love Lebanese food so will definitely have to get around to it! We've been to Balkonen a few times (though not in the past few months) but have always had a nice meal there
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    Vacancy Re: Translation work: English to German

    Hi, I'm not professional but I did get a diploma in German (quite a few years ago!) and am pretty good on grammar. Depending on the complexity of the text I'd be willing to give it a go for you,...
  21. Vacancy Re: English Grammar and Punctuation Champion/ Part time work!

    Have sent you a PM
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    Guitar to borrow for a week!

    Hi all, looking to borrow a guitar (not electric) for a week from this Tuesday 22nd October if possible! Happy to pay a small fee & collect from somewhere in the south ... thanks!
  23. Fiestas San Miguel de Abona romería this Sunday 22 September 2013

    Just to let everyone know that the romería will take place this Sunday from around 1pm in San Miguel de Abona.
    The procession of floats will start off near the Cooperativa (at the end of the...
  24. Finance Re: changing money

    Definitely in Tenerife, I'd say
  25. Other Re: Are there any French radio stations in Tenerife?

    Thanks Alex. I asked on behalf of friends who were visiting, but they've gone home now. Thanks for your radio station suggestions, however for myself I prefer to listen to "proper" Canarian stations,...
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