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    Re: Harmonicaman and TizzyWizzzy

    9plus was the one who used to call people my dear.
  2. Business Chat Re: Opinions wanted

    You obviously have it all covered so why ask for advice? Good luck.
  3. Business Chat Re: Would it be a good business idea to set up doing car repairs in Tenerife?

    You are aware it is illegal to work on cars on the roadside in Spain, hence there are no mobile mechanics here, if you are considering doing this mobile its a none starter from the off, if you are...
  4. Sticky: Football Re: Tenerife Forum Blackburn Rovers Football Club discussion thread

    Just remember that Blackburn Rovers have won more Premier League titles at Anfield than Liverpool have.

    There endeth the lesson!
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    Re: via-movil from titsa!! is it worth it?

    No only the 50€ ones, the smaller ones last for 12 months
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    Re: via-movil from titsa!! is it worth it?

    The 50€ Bono card only lasts for one month so if you donīt use it all in the month you lose what is left at the end of it.
  7. Other Re: Building site.

    Or maybe all the dead fronds have been removed due to the general clean up thats going on everywhere at the moment because it is almost election time, everywhere you go there is roadworks, cleaning,...
  8. Wanted Re: Urgent - storage required - approx 6-8cm

    Youīre welcome, let me know if you need help transporting it there.
  9. Re: tenerife vs zaragoza 5/4/15 tickets

    There is a fan shop in Faņabe Plaza commercial centre called Soy del Tete, its opposite the Jacaranda Hotel, you can buy tickets from there.
  10. Wanted Re: Urgent - storage required - approx 6-8cm

    Wheeler Dealers at Las Chafiras has taken the unit next door and is doing short and long term storage, itīs 1€ a day, contact Paul James on 660511611 for more information. (Mods this is a business...
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    Re: Medano Hotel.

    We can discuss this all day and night but its an illegal build, the Costas have been trying to get it demolished, they had the evidence what they needed to get the Supreme Court to agree, end of...
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    Re: Medano Hotel.

    The Costas have been trying to reclaim the coastline for years, this illegal build gave them the bullets they needed to get the demolition order, 55 years ago there was probably a wheelbarrow full of...
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    Re: Medano Hotel.

    The fact that it is part of El Medano counts for nothing when they highest court in Spain has agreed to the demolition, as with a number of buildings in Spain they was given an inch and took a mile,...
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    Other Re: Foam rubber

    Any of the El Kilos shops sell it. One in San Isidro, and one in Las Chafiras, probably others as well but you would have to google for them.
  15. Shopping Re: Conforama

    Everything what you said is true, many stories of people ordering stuff, takling their money then telling them it will be three months for delivery, in my opinion they are a nightmare.
  16. Animal Chat Re: Pet Shops

    Dingos in El Madronal is really the only one in walking distance from where you are.
  17. Home and Garden Re: Where can I buy a propane gas bottle in Tenerife?

    No chance of getting a silver gas bottle for 10€, i know someone who has some for sale, he wants 40€ for an empty bottle, but then you can go to anywhere that sells them and exchange for a full one...
  18. Re: CD Tenerife vs Leganes Saturday 07/03 at 19.00

    See you there. :)
  19. Home and Garden Re: Curtains

    Where are you? Assuming you are in the touristy bit there is a shop called Central Uniforms, one in San Eugenio and one in Valdez Centre, they sell curtains, if you can get to Las Chafiras you can...
  20. Football Re: Tenerife Forum Scottish football discussion thread

    Training at T3 Sports Centre in La Caleta every day, not sure about tomorrow though as tonight is their night out in Las Americas, shame you didnīt post this earlier as the entire team and management...
  21. Health Re: Can anyone tell me if Adeslas covers 20weeks pregnancy scan?

    Are you already insured with Adeslas?

    If not then no, I have just taken private insurance out with them and there is a nine month waiting period before they cover you for serious illness for...
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    Cars & Transport Re: small removal van required

    Pm sent, thanks to Ecky and Greg for the mentions. :)
  23. Re: The auction house is on tomorrow morning in Las Chafiras, Tenerife

    It is in Chafiras, directly behind Wheeler Dealers Car Sales Showroom, take the Amarilla Golf road and its first right and on the right, facebook page below, but the auctions are fortnightly and...
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    Re: iceland price hike

    Henry, have you not noticed the fact the euro exchange rate has shot up in the last few weeks? People / Persons / Businesses buying things from UK are having to pay much more the last few weeks as a...
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    Wow how amazing am I?

    Just got a message saying this..........

    Congratulations Andy0210!!!

    You have made 1000 posts on the Tenerife Forum! Why not make an announcement so that other members can congratulate you too?...
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