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  1. Re: Flights to Morocco or Africa?

    call 922 751 867 ext 1 with dates and destinations etc.

    We have the international flight system in our office, therefore we have access to every single flight worldwide.:callme:
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    Wanted Re: I'm looking for a job in Tenerife

    could you send me your full CV please to

  3. Re: The euro and exchange rates in the UK or Tenerife

    If you are on facebook and want to know the daily exchange rate, join this page.

    Also, we do give a higher rate to...
  4. Re: Can anyone recommend a weekend break in north Tenerife?

    Alan, email me your budget and/or specifications and I will find you a few to choose from. I have 4* half board from 82 euros for one night......................
    let me have star rating, area,...
  5. Entertainment Re: What entertainment can we find in March near the Compostela Beach Apartments?

    Lazy Daze bar, then you have the whole Parque de la Paz Strip. Singers, comedians, bands etc etc
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    Re: Have any members been to India/Pakistan?

    I am married to an English Indian! I have visited India about 6 times and I love it.

    However, be prepared for poverty and their 3 star is what we would class as a 1 star, hotel wise.

    Goa is now...
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    Other Re: How long is it before you go on your holidays?

    31st of January.................... joining my mum and dad on a cruise!!!!:lol:
  8. Other Re: Getting Married in Tenerife
  9. Re: Which travel agents in Tenerife do holidays to the USA?

    For future reference, we are the only British owned licensed travel agency in Tenerife, and we cover ever worldwide destination you choose.

    We have our main travel...
  10. Re: Where can I book a Mt. Teide star gazing tour?

    Here are two options...
  11. Re: How many COMPETENT people have you dealt with in Tenerife?

    I have to completely second the Sin Barreras crew at Tenerife Sur airport.

    My Mum usually is travelling alone and they provide a first class service, they really do!!!
  12. Princess Cruises - Special Offer

    here come the 9 days of princess cruises!

    reserve your princess cruise with tenerife sunshine before the 28th of october and receive amazing discounts and free onboard credit for caribbean and...
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    Animal Chat Re: The Real Live ARICO -

    My sentiments exactly!!!!
  14. Other Re: How can I contact the make up tatooist who lives in Roque del Conde, south Teneri

    Go on Facebook and type in Tenerife Permanent Makeup

    She really is excellent!!! Highly professional and the results are excellent!!!!
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    Animal Chat Re: The Real Live ARICO -

    Well I have a very interesting message from Live Arico Fake Page, which then changed its name to Fasnia Refuge...........................

    Actually admitting that they have been 'paid' to bring the...
  16. Tenerife Sunshine Travel Agency, Money Exchange, Excursions and Information Point.

    [SIZE=2]Imagine saving time and money and yet still knowing you found a Tenerife company you can trust.

    Before we go any further, we need to set the record straight... not all Tenerife tour and...
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    FOR SALE in Tenerife As you have not mentioned it, I am guessing it is...

    As you have not mentioned it, I am guessing it is NOT electric????? If it is, I may be interested.

    The reason I want electric piano with weighted keys is that I believe that holding the tuning...
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    Relocation House Exchange in Tenerife offered!!

    Due to work commitments I will be relocating to England for 6 to 12 months.

    I can easily rent a place, I was there just last week having a good look, but I am also willing to consider a house...
  19. email us on with dates,...

    email us on with dates, times, pick up and drop off points etc, however, as stated above, maximum 4 pax, therefore you would require 2 limos. :sorry:
  20. Animal Chat I have sent a message to the lady who looks after...

    I have sent a message to the lady who looks after ours.................... hopefully she will be in touch
  21. FOR SALE in Tenerife I borrowed my friends bugaboo for a two week...

    I borrowed my friends bugaboo for a two week cruise and by the time I had come back, I no longer wanted my Quinny!!! So easy to use, light weight................. you get what you pay for, and new,...
  22. FOR SALE in Tenerife Seriously, first time mothers.....................

    Seriously, first time mothers.................. some real bargains here!!!
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    Sorry, incorrect information. We accep0t all...

    Sorry, incorrect information. We accep0t all currencies. :spin:
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    No you are not selfish, however, you have to...

    No you are not selfish, however, you have to understand, she is young, and in love and at this moment in time, nothing is more important than her boyfriend.

    In years to come she will look back on...
  25. email and the girls...

    email and the girls will give you all the information you need!!!:wave:
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