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    Shopping Re: Best place to buy elecrical goods?

    It is like a big todos shop,everything either 5,10,15 or 20 euros,well worth a visit.
  2. Re: Should moderator's general posts be made under their forum username?

    As I have just come in and read this thread,my tuppence would be "why should they",admin,mods etc do this job for free and the less people who know who they are the less likely some halfwit can...
  3. Re: Paying cash into a bank account in Tenerife

    We are also in the same bank,when we want to pay in money we use the ATM machine at the door,very easy and quick.
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    Property Re: Where should we buy in Tenerife now?

    We sold our place in El Mirador (Los Chris) and moved out to a villa in cho (parque de la reina) great area,some good restaurant's & bars nearby and only 5 minutes drive into the centre of Los...
  5. Internet Where is the Movistar shop that has English-speaking staff in San Eugenio?

    On a previous post someone mentioned the Movistar shop with English speaking staff was in San Eugenio,could someone give me an idea whereabouts it is please.T.I.A
  6. Home and Garden Where can I buy sealant for a printed concrete driveway?

    Could anyone tell me please where I could buy sealant for printed concrete on a driveway.T.I.A
  7. Shopping Are there any car boot sales on Sundays in south Tenerife?

    Are there any car boot sales on Sundays in South Tenerife.
  8. I need a locksmith urgently in Parque de la Reina

    Hope someone can help,looking for a locksmith urgently i am in parque de la reina area and need to gain
    access to our property.Thanks in advance
  9. Home and Garden Re: Any tips on furnishing from afar....

    We furnished our place from euromuebles in las chafiras which deliver for free and have a huge selection of sofas,beds,furniture etc,also got some good deals in conforma in Santa Cruz.
  10. Re: Lights

    I'm looking for traditional rustic Spanish lounge ceiling lights. Have looked at Leroy Merlin's and others website but was looking for somewhere with more choice.
  11. Where can I buy rustic ceiling lights in north Tenerife?

    Could someone please tell me and give me directions to a lighting warehouse somewhere in the north,it was posted on here sometime last year but can't find it now,thanks.
  12. Advice wanted Re: looking for advice on running a bar

    Give it a go because you will always wonder what if,also why spend money elsewhere when Tenerife has everything going for it.just before the doomasters attack me look at some of the bars that have...
  13. Re: Barbecue

    Bump,bump sorry I have to put 10 letters in and don't feel sorry for me as I don't have a stutter.
  14. Re: Barbecue

    Any one that is capable of doing the (jobs),but not anyone that is a jack of all trades,and a so called handyman as I can call myself.Looking for someone or a reputable business that is legal with...
  15. Handyman wanted to help rebuild my barbecue.

    Hope someone can help me or point me in the right direction,I bought a concrete barbecue which is about 8 feet tall which needs built up and sealed,also I need fans fitted to ceiling,only problem...
  16. Re: I need my Pool refurbishing. Any recommendations?

    Could I ask what you got done and a rough idea about cost.
  17. I need my pool refurbishing. Any recommendations?

    Looking for someone to re-furb a fibreglass swimming pool,hopefully re-painted with epoxy paint.I was wondering if anyone has had this work done before and could anyone recommend any firms on the...
  18. Home and Garden Re: Scaffolding

    Thanks for the reply I will try it out,could you give me any idea of a name please and rough directions when I enter La Camella.
  19. Home and Garden Where can I hire scaffolding in south Tenerife?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for hiring some scaffolding in the south,ideally looking for
    lightweight aluminium towers and two beds high for internal painting.
  20. Vacancy Re: Handyman wanted

    Thanks for all the replies but we now have found someone to do it.

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    Thanks for all the replies but we now have found someone to do it.
  21. Re: New bar/cafe (ex Frankie's)

    They have been working on it for the last few weeks and should be opening soon as a Spanish restaurant.
  22. Vacancy Handyman wanted 10 minutes from Los Cristianos

    could anyone recommend somebody who would look after small pool and garden 10 minutes from los chris.
  23. Home and Garden Where's the best place to buy a new bed in Tenerife?

    Can anyone recommend the best place to buy a new bed and mattress either in the north or south.
  24. Wanted Re: El Mirador

    Very true,but have some family coming over that's why I was looking for somewhere for them and to reply to me via p.m
  25. Wanted Re: El Mirador

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