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    Wanted Re: Barman and/or Tennis Instructor

    There is also Tennis Academy (or not sure if it is the same academy as in Abama hotel) but this one is in Chaoyfa , the town located 5 min. drive from Los Christianos
  2. Wanted Re: Mechanic, electrician, installation, contractor, computer or driver job wanted.

    Do not pay much attention, Sevy. Someone might be just jealous of your skills and languages spoken as you can be a serious rival in tough labour market here. I bet few members of the forum can boast...
  3. Health Re: Can anyone recommend an osteopath in south Tenerife?

    Hi Rosemary,
    I know one acupuncturist through a friend of mine who had backache problems and was helped a lot. I can ask from a friend and send you his phone through private message.
  4. Home and Garden Re: I'm going to recommend a guy for tiling, plastering or cement work

    Really sorry for confusion, that was not my intention. I speak about another guy, not the o/p talked about. And it would be really wiser to divide o/p and my post into 2 posts, but do not know...
  5. Home and Garden Re: I'm going to recommend a guy for tiling, plastering or cement work

    Know some guy who painted my apartment for rent last year. Got several quotes ranging from 5 to 8 EUR per square meter (the apartment is about 80 sq.m.) and that was quite expensive. So luckily...
  6. Other Re: Can an unvaccinated 3 year-old go to school in Tenerife?

    No, my daughter has only 2 vaccines made when when was born, after that I refused to make any. When I gave the documents to a school when she was 3 y.o., they enrolled her. I just explained them that...
  7. Other Re: Can an unvaccinated 3 year-old go to school in Tenerife?

    Actually they do not have the right to refuse to accept a kid without vaccines because they are not obligatory at all.
    Everyone has the right to being vaccinated or not as it is specially...
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    Re: Flying from Canada (Toronto) to Tenerife

    A big thank to all of you for useful information. It will help a lot to my friend searching for different flight options. The only way she searched is to Faro (Portugal) but did not know how to go...
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    Flying from Canada (Toronto) to Tenerife

    Can anyone suggest the easiest and cheapest flight from Toronto to Tenerife?
    May be someone has had such experience and would like to share some info for my friend.
    Thank you
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    Paperwork Re: How much do funerals cost in Tenerife?

    Let's hope that Tenerife climate will make a miracle to your mother with months prognosis being erroneous and she may get better.
    I guess even in the terminal stage everyone wants to have some more...
  11. Other Re: I am moving to Tenerife next year and need advice on transporting possessions

    Hi Marie,

    It is really worth if you bring a car costing more than 10 000 EUR. Otherwise it is not reasonable to drive it over here as you waste all of your saved money on petrol, ferry, overnight...
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    Re: Fantastic dental care or what?!

    Fanabe plaza is quite expensive. Had my wisdom tooth extracted couple years ago for 145 EUR in 5 minutes, x-ray was included in the price.
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    Other Re: Lookie Lookie men - What a farce!

    Actually they are not so polite when you just say them "No" in a polite way, have heard them aping "nooooo" in my back. Not a pleasant thing when you just go with your family to have some walk on a...
  14. Health Re: Need directions to Candelaria hospital ultrasound department

    Yes, you are totally right, it mentions "Escuela de Enfermeria" and 2-nd floor on my. Thank you for clarifications, I will be totally armed with all directions I have now ))
  15. Health Re: Need directions to Candelaria hospital

    Thank you, Seanocelt for asking this question :hello:v
    and Timmylish for thorough explanations. I did not expect such fast answers to my question and I am grateful to
  16. Health Need directions to Candelaria hospital ultrasound department

    Hi everyone!
    May be someone knows where in Candelaria hospital ultrasound for pregnant women is done? I know there are several buildings and having a "cita" there for "eco selectiva", I do not know...
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