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    Property Re: Extensions to existing property

    Talk to the town hall concerned about how favourably they would look on the project, or if you aren't fluent enough for that pay for an archictect's opinion, architects plans woulld be need ed for...
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    Paperwork Re: english speaking notary

    Nicolás Castilla García,

    C/Arenales s/n, C.C. y Negocios Parque Santiago 6,of.4
    Codigo Postal

  3. Relocation Re: I'm having a big problem getting my NIE number

    You do have to register at the National Police Station and you have to go to the one that covers where you live - in your case Puerto de la Cuz this is the address
    Av. José María del Campo...
  4. Paperwork Re: Where do I pay 'non residence tax' in Tenerife?

  5. Sticky: Re: Residencia & the new Certificado de Registro in Tenerife: discussions and questio certificado de registro 10 euros 60 NIE 9 euros 45
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    Re: Non resident tax

    Upstairs in the Cultural centre in los Cristianos - it's called the Consorcio... take your passport & NIE number. Take a number and wait your turn, then ask for "duplicado del recibo del IBI"...
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    Re: Non resident tax

    You don't say which area you are in Matches ... sometimes it's the town hall sometimes Consorcio depending on your Ayuntamiento also some will give the info by phone and others not ... if you give...
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    Re: Residencia

    depending on where you are based in Tenerife you either go to Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz or Adeje (las Americas) National Police Stations Extranjeria section. Here are the basic requirements for...
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    Other Re: How do I claim 'paro' in Tenerife?

    If you can understand Spanish have a look here You will need to make 2 appointments FIRSTLY One...
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    Paperwork Re: How do I register my S1

    You have to go to a Comisaria (National Police Station) or the actual extranjeria in Santa Cruz but it depends on your cachement area... which Padron (local authority census) are you registered on?...
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    Paperwork Re: How do I register my S1

    Welcome! Things slow down in August but nothing actually shuts unless it¡s a bank holiday :) You don't say what age you are or if your S1 is is aleftoverf rom the old system - one of the residual...
  12. Paperwork Re: Where do I pay 'non residence tax' in Tenerife?

    Have a read here: If you do not let out for gain the amount of the tax is calculated using a...
  13. Re: Paid car tax twice in Tenerife

    You would need written authorisation for consorcio with copies of the holders documentation and in the case of the bank a power of attorney.
  14. Paperwork Re: Who are the 'Consorsio de SICTF', and what is this letter?

    this is not SICTF its Consorcio S/C TF ie Consorcio de Tributos de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it's almost certainly something you owe, could be Plus Valia, but could also be IBI (Rates) Rubbish...
  15. Paperwork The new amounts for Tasas - January 2014

    Remember Tasas change every January so Certificate of residence is now 10 euros 50 and NIE (non resident) is now 9 euros 36
  16. Tax Re: Can I pay my non-residents tax in any Bank?

    Have a read here :
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    Health Re: Can EHIC be used at Hospiten Sur?

    Hospiten Sur is private and is only used for NH patients (EHIC) if referred by the Canarian Health Service so 1st point of call should be Mojon ER or Los Cristianos 24H emergency or other 24/7...
  18. Health Re: Can treatment continue on Spanish healthcare once UK private insurance is used up

    Some useful general information here . It will also depend on when she became a resident as rules have changed for new arrivals
  19. Cabildo sets aside 3.3 million euros for job creation

    November 28, 2013

    The Tenerife Cabildo has submitted 3.3 million euros job creation scheme to generate 750 jobs for the young unemployed.

    That, plus existing Island Council job creation...
  20. Cars & Transport Re: Where do I go to change my address on my car documents?

    You can change the address on your driving licence locally at SOME Ayuntamientos not all Adeje but not Arona for example other wise as Kirsty says it's a trip to Trfaico see here for the full list...
  21. Re: Where can I book a Mt. Teide star gazing tour?
  22. Laws & Regulations Re: employee insurance

    It's not new Olive you should have a liabilty insurance that covers for accidents at work etc if you only have one or two employees this is an example from Mapfre...
  23. Re: What paperwork do you need to get an empadroniamiento for buying car?

    Yes your friend can say you live with them PROVIDED they own the property and are themselves registered on the Padron, if that is the case they simply go with you to the town hall, take their...
  24. Re: How do I find more information regarding a Trafico fine in Tenerife? ... be warned though this only works if you have ignored notifications and fines have been published in the Boletíns or Testra, you can also set up an alert to be...
  25. Re: How do you register with the Ministerio de Hacienda?

    You need to fill out a modelo 30 form to make your NIE "Live" and get "etiquetas", bar code labels that can be used on the customs documents, as a minimum you will need an NIE and a certifcate of...
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