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    Bars InkSpots Bar and Grill, Los Cristianos

    InkSpots (formerly The Heritage) under San Marino apartments behind the bus station opened late April after undergoing refurbishment. The bar has a very large terrace which gets the sun until early...
  2. Re: Replace a word in a pop song with the word Sausage.

    hit me sausage one more time - britney spears
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    Other Re: Pets arriving in Tenerife

    I may be able to help I will pm you
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    Pet WANTED! Re: German shepherd

    live arico have a puppy up for adoption check out there facebook page
  5. Recipes Re: What recipes can I do with corned beef or spam?

    take a casserole dish empty tin of beans in, top with cubed corned beef ,sprinkle Worcestershire sauce on top then top with mashed potato and grated chedder cheese , cook in oven till cheese is...
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    Pets and Livestock Poochies pet hotel

    Poochies Pet Hotel is a boarding kennels in El Rio, South East Tenerife run by Alice and Mark.
    Both Alice and Mark are passionate about the dogs welfare both physically and mentally and that is...
  7. Shopping Re: Where can I buy a mens wedding suit in south Tenerife?

    Myself and partner have just launched a wedding dress, formal wear hire business and we have a few suits which may be suitable
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    Retail Sevices Paradise Moments

    Welcome to Paradise Moments
    Why buy when you can hire at a fraction of the cost
    Throughout life we all have those special events to attend which need that special outfit. You want the outfit to say...
  9. Shopping Re: Wedding favors/favours

    What a lovely idea , maybe visit some of the large shoe shops and make a bulk order and ask for discount , there are a few warehouses in chafiras , or even the chinese shops !
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    FOUND Re: Anyone lost a dog in Golf del Sur?

    Timmyish , latest is still not traced owner, took to vets no chip, staying with person who found it but she cannot keep it so foster home required from this afternoon. Dog also seems to be partially...
  11. Re: What foods do you remember from childhood?

    used to love manchester tart , only good thing about school dinners ! also used to love the penny tray in local newsagents with flying saucers, fruit salad, black jacks,sherbert dips and gobstoppers,...
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    Re: Do members ever sew?

    used to sew when in my teens , then stopped . my late mum was the best knitter in the world but i was never ispired to learn used to design patterns for friends then she would knit them up. but...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Tenerifesun

    hope you have a great day :)
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    Animal Chat Re: Raffa the mobile vet

    I would also recommend rafa , he visits us regularly at poochies pet hotel and takes care of all my dogs and is available for visitors dogs too if required , and his acupuncture and homeopathic...
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    Re: Hi, I'm russell and new to the Forum.

    Hi russell , welcome and enjoy, i love the island i moved here a year ago and have no regrets- yet - enjoy x
  16. Re: Translator needed at El Mojon Hospital next Tuesday.

    I recommend luis , he is canarian and is an experienced translater with medical knowledge, i will pm you his number
  17. Re: Fund-raiser will help get these dogs to UK

    Thankyou for your opinions, but we had a fabulous afternoon with tremendous support to help these 6 dogs get a new home , the people adopting them in the uk have helped and commited to rehoming them...
  18. Re: Fund-raiser will help get these dogs to UK

    Todays the day , a wonderful afternoon planned with movie musical madness, loads of acts doing different numbers to there normal performances. All 6 dogs have new forever homes waiting for them in...
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    WANTED in Tenerife Wine making equipment

    Hi , i have got loads of different fruit trees and vines on my finca and want to make some wines as it would be a shame not to ! Has anyone got any equipmet they dont use anymore and want to sell ,...
  20. Charity Re: Fashion Show launch party to support Tenerife dogs 2 the UK

    Thanks to everyone who attended and gave their support. It was a great success and 50 euros will be donated to the fund. Made up of a voucher donated by kelly ann and kar dawson from the flogg it...
  21. Charity Re: Fashion Show launch party to support Tenerife dogs 2 the UK

    We had a great afternoon , fab fashion show and great venue, will be organising the next one real soon . Will let you know how fund for dogs to uk is doing . New stock orders being made next week ,...
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    Bars Re: The Square, Las Americas, Tenerife

    There is a fashion show at The Square this friday the 8th june, viewing at 4pm fashion show at 5pm . Ladieswear, menswear and underwear on show all imported from british stores. No item over 20 euros...
  23. Re: What happened to the clothing (Fashion show) in Los Cristianos Market in Tenerif

    Hi , myself and partner are launcing a new clothing venture this friday called Shalice , we are doing a fashion show at The Square in pueblo canario las americas . We have mens , ladies and underwear...
  24. Charity Re: Fashion Show launch party to support Tenerife dogs 2 the UK

    There will also be handmade unique one off bags on display and handmade greeting cards too . Loads of great fashion items and underwear in a full range of sizes for men and women .
    So come and...
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    Bars Re: The Square, Las Americas, Tenerife

    Fab new venue, great location , reasonably priced food during day, wonderful hosts and staff and great acts on . Its definately worth a visit .
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