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  1. Advice wanted Re: need help

    Good Luck with your new venture. I wish you every success. :fishing:

    Just checked out your website and there's only your Home page working. All the other pages display "404 (Page Not Found) Error"...
  2. Wanted Re: 3 to 6 month rental wanted in a costal resort at a good price

    Just a word of warning....we lived in Los Abrigos for 12 months and had an apartment with a large roof terrace which we thought at first would be great! It was - for hanging the washing out as...
  3. Fixed Phones Re: Land Line Phone

    The base unit is connected via a cable - the phone itself is cordless :)
  4. Fixed Phones Re: Land Line Phone

    YES.........we brought ours and it works.
    When the engineer came to set things up (including internet) he sorted everything. Caller ID works on it as well. The only thing that is wrong is the time -...
  5. Other Re: self-sufficient farming

    Looks and sounds Idyllic :)
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    Long Term Rental Re: What's it like living in Los Abrigos?

    We live in Los Abrigos but not for too much longer - plans in place to move to another area very soon :jumping:

    Here are a couple of links that have already been posted on the forum:
  7. Television Re: Direct Telecom service getting worse!

    Thanks for your input :bowdown timmylish.....we will definitely be considering this in the future. If the security aspect is good enough for government, education and the big corporations then it's...
  8. Vacancy Re: Bagpiper required

    Hopefully someone will come along and help :goodluck:

  9. Television Re: Direct Telecom service getting worse!

    We did get an email response from them this morning and they confirmed there was a server problem. I did post a comment on facebook but they deleted it......they mustn't like too many people...
  10. Television Re: Direct Telecom service getting worse!

    Same problem yet tv channels this morning. :devil:

    Checked DTs facebook page and they've had a problem in the last few days.......obviously not fully resolved yet!
  11. Other Increased cost of holidays outside of school term times

    As reported by BBC news Paul Cookson made a post on his Facebook page titled “school holiday rant” after trying to book a holiday with his daughter. He was surprised by the response:
  12. Entertainment Re: Visitor at the Marina nr Lower GDS

    Yes, we had a look yesterday. Amazing!
    This frigate is a replica of Peter the Great’s famous flagship Shtandart, dating back to 1703, and was built by volunteers.
    Well worth a donation to take a...
  13. Re: Please Vote for my Grandaughter's Design Entry

    Didn’t need to be persuaded – Danielle’s design outshone the others! :)
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    Re: Los abrigos

    Another sweeping obviously haven't been in any of the apartments! Outside appearance is deceptive.
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    Re: Los abrigos

    I have to say that if you’re thinking of living in Los Abrigos then you have to consider quite a few things first.

    On the plus side:
    Lovely port and restaurants
    Not full of tourists

    On the...
  16. Television Re: Direct Telecom service getting worse!

    So......when they tell us it is our fault we can respond with a big NO and that other people are having the same problem both North and South of the island!!
  17. Television Re: Direct Telecom service getting worse!

    Our connection is hardwired direct from the router and yes like you we have been told previously that it was our end. DT have also said in the past that their server was being upgraded and the...
  18. Television Direct Telecom service is getting worse!

    Very disappointed with the service provided by Direct Telecom:

    TV channels constantly freezing and then they go into a loop. Constantly missing the last 10 to 15 minutes of a programme; very...
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    Re: Don't die slowly!

    Both are very poignant. Thank you languagefan.
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    Flight (and more) comparison site

    For those of you who may want to check out some prices I find this site really good:
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    Re: Desperate for a decent cup of coffee

    Oh dear, I would have preferred Matt Damon :cheeky:
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    Re: Desperate for a decent cup of coffee

    Tried that.........doesn't work!

    Think I may have seen this - will check this out. :thanx:

    I enjoy Nescafe back in the UK but don't like the one available here, but thanks anyway.
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    Desperate for a decent cup of coffee

    Can anybody recommend a good strong coffee from the supermarkets here in Tenerife please? :yum:

    Our local Coviran has stopped stocking our favourite espresso ground coffee and the other brands...
  24. Other Re: Planned power cuts for Tuesday 17th December San Miguel area

    Has anybody had a power cut in their area? We live in Los Abrigos and so far no power cut!

    Thank you for the warning though, :thanx: after seeing this last night we made sure the batteries for...
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    Re: Is another Delta on its way?

    [QUOTE=Suej;341622]Funny you should ask about leccy Monkey cos our DT media TV has been playing up badly since the bad weather started! DT changed everything we've got a new box (the old one was...
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